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  1. Hoping someone can help, I sent a letter away to lloyds tsb in newport, south wales claiming I had been mis-sold the policy, I have now received a letter back advising that it is not their department that deal with the ppi as the ppi was taken out with an outside company and they have forwarded my letter onto the complaints department , po box 42, peterlee, county durham., as I took my loan out over the phone (top-up) how could it be an outside company when the ppi was taken at the same time as the loan
  2. No the loan was cleared over 2 years ago, they sent out a letter offering a settlement plus 8% interest and asked for bank account details to pay the funds into, and advised that this could not be a third party account. i sent back and they received on 26/11/09 but have not heard anything yet.
  3. Had an offer from HFC for amount plus 8% interest, I sent this back and they signed for on 26/11, can anyone please advise how long this usually takes to pay into my account, as they have advised that this is the only way of paying it.
  4. I have recently took out a 12 month contract from virgin media ( I have not signed anything, they sent it through the post but I have not signed and returned) , I would like to cancel but can anyone advise if I am liable for the charges to the end of the termination date.
  5. I am having a bit of a problem with virgin at the moment, my services are disconnected to tel: incoming only, no broadband, but I am still being charged for them, I have emailed and phoned but to no avail. I received a bill on 27/07, but my services were disconnected from 09/07, and there is no credit on the bill, but when I phoned they advised that it was my own fault I had been disconnected and they were right to charge me for ongoing services that I do not have. Can someone please clarify.
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