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  1. Thankyou Mike and CitizenB for responding so quickly, i will do so straight away.
  2. Hi, can someone please advise?I had a letter first from Rockwell and then their solictors Fentons back last June about an old credit card ( I believe it was on behalf of Arrow).I have had no contact with the credit card company since 2004, the last payment to them was in i think 2001.I never answered the letters as I am quite clear this is a statute barred debt, and then just before Christmas starting receiving calls from Scotcall on behalf of Arrow.They then sent me a letter saying if i didn't reply within seven days i would receive a doorstep visit to negotiate payment terms.I was shocked th
  3. Hi Prettypaula i was just about to go to bed and happened on your thread (have had dealings with Capquest!) I started to smile when i saw you great 'Indignant letter" (especially the bit at the end about having something useful to say and saving paper) But really started to laugh out loud about this bit : . I do hope you are right! I shall be laughing everytime i think of that Sorry I can't help, not be on here long and still finding my way about, but hope it all works out for you... Hampshiregirl
  4. Thanks guyss I may have already done so and don't know, they sent so many letters saying the same thing, that i assumed they all said the same thing adn ripped some of them up without opening them! This statutory demand is date feb last year, but I have been reading the hampton /lowells thread with mcfly (sorry if it's flyman, reading so much I'm getting confused, and well done by the way) who won today, and i have to ask, he was advised to have the SD set aside, and I obviously can't because it's from last year ??? Or is there nothing to get set aside as it's an intention?
  5. Thanks PGH7447 for replying so quickly. I haven't yet sent my statutory barred letter out, been feeling rough this week with a virus, but who do i send the letter to? lowells portfolio 1, lowells financial, or Red? And thanks again Hampshire girl
  6. Help, I have another problem with this I just found some unopened letters from lowells, in trying to spring clean my life! They were sending so many saying the same thing, that i just put them to one side. The letter had a statutory demand in it, the date being 28/02/08 signed by the chief operating officer of lowells, and sent by Red However, that was 4 months before i sold my house, and i have a letter from RED in front of me dated 14/04/09 stating they will make any arrangement (original creditor lombard) And a letter from Lowellss Financial in front of me stating they
  7. Hi Aardvaark1970 I had a loan from 2004 from Welcome. It was a £20k loan with 6k tacked on in ppi and mortgage indemnity. I had no choice but to sell because of my daft mortgage. On the day before the exchange they told me they wanted £31,500 (or more can't quite remember was may 2008.) They agreed the move on the balance of what was left in the house for tehm to take £28k and want to make a new loan on the difference The paperwork i have since from them states a £22k interest reversal and they want £8192 settlement, though the local branch have come down to £2950. Still d
  8. sorry i don't know how to delete this empty post box,
  9. Hi Mrs F, You haven't updated where you got to so i hope it all worked out for you. I would be very interested to hear if you guys think there is cause for unjust charges and interest rates, as i would certainly be interested in following it up.
  10. ok, I have some figures and peerhaps someone can tell me if i'm just wishingful thinking ; £20k borrowed £6,183 added on for ppi etc. total amount (according to welcome of loan at start £69879.60 Therefore £43,696 in interest. divide this by 180 months £242.75 per month. x by 132 months (i'm being generous and giving them 6 months interest) £32043 Total loan £69879.60 minus just interest on remaining years £32043 = £37836.60 (this includes me paying ppi) Welcome received form me so far according to their statement : =£39646.60 £1800
  11. ok, thank you, I am off to send the letter, thanks for your help, I will see what they come back with.
  12. Hi 42Man Thanks for that, I a just concerned about the line 'it is unfair to pursue the debt if the debtor has heard nothing from the creditor during the relevant limitation period”. As i have had a series of letters from a variety of companies over the years, just never responded, because they all wanted the full amount on the spot in their letters. Also, I moved last year, and have not yet gone on the electoral roll but had the post diverted for a year, do i send it from my old address or current one?
  13. Hi PostGGI Thanks for the quick reply, I only just realised after posting that this thread was started in 2007. I'm afraid I've only just joined (after reading with interest for nearly a year), and still finding my way around the site, I will be posting about welcome over the next day, thanks for your support.
  14. Hi Lord Lee and those others considering a loan with Welcome : I took out a loan with Welcome for £20k in 2004. Somehow, I had an additional £6k in ppi AND insurance. The payments would have been ok, but i then had problems with my nightmare mortage company which is another story. The current situation is that i paid over £12k in 3 years, when i sold my house last year, they took the balance of that as it was a secured loan £28K! and are still after between £4k and £8k depending on who in the company you talk to I am going to start a thread for advice on this.
  15. I'm pleased to say I fell over this site last year, and sorry to say I never registered then, but have read over a number of months with interest what appear to be so many similar situations to mine. I just have a quick question about Statute Barred if anyone can help. I last made a payment to a loan with Lombard in 2000, then lost my job, and despite attempts to talk to lombard about reducing the payments for a few months, they wouldn't and passed it on to a series of debt collectors who demanded full payment of the balance on the spot. My question is, although I haven't made a
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