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  1. I posted a little while ago asking for advice about Ruthbridge contacting me about an old debt. I had some great advice and sent them a CCA letter. I heard nothing from them (surprise surprise!) and the waiting period ended at the end of August so obviously they have no agreement. However today I have recieved a letter from Cabot (at my old address, not the one Ruthbridge contacted me at!) saying that they have bought my account. Strangely though the amount seems to have doubled?? How is this possible and do they really think I'm that stupid? Its obvious Ruthbridge only sold the account becaus
  2. Well the original debt would be statute barred in April 2010 but I 'think' that I was paying a bit towards it through DLC until August 2006, so I assumed that it would not be after that. I say think because I have records on my bank statements of paying DLC and I can only assume that it was this debt, but I'm not positive.
  3. Thank you. So I'll wait for the 12+2 is up then send the dispute letter. Does anyone know where I can get a template for this? Does it sound like they don't have a cca and are just trying it on?
  4. Hi I posted a few days ago about Ruthbridge contacting me about a debt that I thought was statute barred. I now don't think it is but on Wednesday last week I sent a cca request recorded delivery. I have just this morning received a reply from them. They have not even acknowledged my request and the letter simply says, without prejudice, you are hereby given notice that we have advised our client to commence bankruptcy proceedings!! However they have offered me a 'final opportunity' to pay a lump sum as full and finalsettlement. Trouble is I don't have a penny I can offer them so as generous a
  5. Thanks Bazooka, so does that mean that anything thats not on my credit file I don't have to worry about? If thats the case then I only owe £147 in debt! Woohoo! Lol! 1 of the ones that have written to me is definately mine but I thought it was over 6 years ago, however having checked my bank accounts I think I may have been paying it through a different DCA in 2006. Is there any reason that this wouldn't be on my file or does it mean that it was over 6 years ago and has gone? Sorry its all very confusing!
  6. Hi, I've had a look at my credit report through Experian and I'm a bit confused. The only things it shows on there are 1 default that says is satisfied but yet its still there and another for a very small amount that I had forgotten about. There is no sign of the debt that Ruthbridge have written to me about nor the debt that Lowell have written to me about regarding an O2 mobile contract. Does anyone know what this means? Also the default that says is satisfied, how come its still on there if I've paid it? Thank you!
  7. Following on from my post the other day about Ruthbridge, I rightly or wrongly applied to see my credit file from Experian, I didn't put my current address but used my previous address where I had been until 3 months or so ago, where my sister still lives. I didn't give them the phone number there. Anyway I now have a letter arrived at my sisters from Red debt collection services who say they are a trading style of Lowell Financial. This is a debt that is from an O2 mobile phone contract. When I was with my ex husband I had 2 contracts from O2 on the same account one for each of us. When we
  8. No I didn't give them the phone number, I put my old mobile number down! Thank you all and I'll update with their response.
  9. I did wonder about that so I put my old address, where my sister still lives down. At least if they visit her she can prove she's not me and hopefully they'll leave her alone! Lol! Thank you very much for your advice. What are the chances of them coming back with an agreement? Should I start to work out how much I could afford just in case?
  10. Does anybody have any further advice please?
  11. Ok change of plan! Have just trawled through some old bank accounts and have found that until August 2006 I had beenmaking payments to DLC who Ruthbridge have obviously bought the debt from. It can only be the same debt so I assume if my last payment to DLC was in August 2006 then it is not statute barred. So what would be my next step? Is it likely that after it being shifted from one place to another there won't be any original credit agreement? Or should I do as my mum says and send the letters back saying not at this address. As I said they are in my maiden name so I would know which lette
  12. Thankyou so much for your help. I'm going to print out that letter and send it today recorded delivery. I've also ordered a copy of my credit file from Experian so I can double check how old the debt is. I really appreciate the advice and I'll update as to whether or not I get a reply!
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