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  1. Thanks all for replies thus far. I'm not sure what happened re Credit Solutions - They were the DCA before I moved, but haven't heard from them since, and now its Debt Managers/Call Serve. The debt is an overdraft. Should I pro-actively send them a letter now (a 'prove it' letter as per PGH7447, thanks), or wait until someone shows up at the door and give them the letter as per Bazooka Boo? I'm not too keen on someone showing up to be honest! Thanks again in advance
  2. All, Firstly, apologies if this is starting a thread already available, if so it is unintentional and I'll happily re-direct as required. So - A bit of background - A couple of years ago I got into trouble with my Barclays Bank account, eventually having to move banks, leaving the account approx £3k in arrears. For the first 6-12 months the debt was 'owned' by Credit Solutions Ltd, and I was keeping up a regular monthly payment. However - I moved roles within my company, and had to relocate, during which time I stopped the payments and all contact with Credit Solutions. A
  3. All, Can anyone advise on my last post please? Thanks in advance!
  4. ALL - So, it appears I was getting carried away. SRJ have sent me some bills from E.oN, which appears to be an initial bill sent to the Landlord, and then a further bill for slightly more addressed to myself and two other previous tenants. All of whom no longer live at the address. Looking at the bills E.On have generated I think they've charged the Landlord, who must have given final readings back to E.On who've then revised the bill. SRJ have simply attached a piece of headed note paper with 'copy of bill' written on it, what do you suggest I do? Also - The final
  5. All Just to let you know - I sent the template mentioned above and have not received a single letter since! It would appear it was simply scare tactics after all! Thanks for all the help!
  6. ALL I posted the above (amended) letter format to SRJ this afternoon with 1st Class Recorded Signed for. In theory this will arrive tomorrow, however the required date on their last letter was 25th August, as follows; On the 26/08/2009 your account will be referred for consideration for a County Court (or Sheriff Court if appropriate) claim to be issued Does this mean I've sent my reply too late?! Thanks in advance!
  7. Not that I can see - All I've had are letters asking me to contact them (i've copied all three into this mail thread) I've not contacted them to ask either...
  8. All; Having neither called nor sent a letter to these people I've received another letter which reads as follows; LITIGATION NOTICE Client: ** Re / 3rd party ref: ** Acc. number: **** Client Reference: *** Service Address: **** Dear ** *** Our client, E.On, has made every effort to try and help you resolve the above outstanding debt however they have now passed the account to us for recovery. We now have only 7 days to agree an affordable payment plan on your account. On the 26/08/2009 your account will be referred for consideration for a County Court (or Sheriff
  9. 'If this is for the Bos Clever account then its well and truly Statute Barred and SRJs letter isnt worth the paper its written on.' Nope - This is an energy company chasing a bill from 1.5 yrs ago. What type of letter do I need to send, if any? Thanks
  10. Thanks ODC. I am concerned - Please bear in mind I have NO IDEA whether I could in fact owe this money - It was a while ago and I have no documentation. I would rather remain civil if I possibly can - As such can anyone help with the following; If I do not reply at all what are the consequences? Is there a standard template (remaining civil, and asking the right questions etc) anyone can suggest using if a reply is required? Thanks in advance (as always!)
  11. All - 'Its incredible...they threaten all sorts/say you have failed & everything else.....then say "even at this late stage...." There is no late stage coz the fools simply wont take any actions other than send some more threatograms ' How confident can I be of the above - Can I simply do nothing?! If I have to send a letter of some kind, is there an example as per my question above? Thanks in advance!!
  12. Thanks ScarletPimpernel. All - Can anyone suggest/send me an example of the type of letter I would need to reply with if any here please? What are the do's & don'ts? Thanks Sam
  13. All - Having not actioned the previous mail I have received a follow up letter yesterday which reads as follows; 'NOTICE OF ISSUE OF LITIGATION PROCEEDINGS' Your credit rating will be seriously affected if a Court judgement is obtained against you Client: ** Re / 3rd party ref: ** Acc. number: **** Client Reference: *** Service Address: **** Dear ** You have failed to arrange and/or maintain a payment plan on this debt and it is now our client's intention to issue litigation proceedings to recover the overdue sums through your local court. Our clie
  14. Thanks for the replies all. Couple more questions if you can help please! 'SRJ's letter is no more than a barefaced lie; they do not confirm anything, they simply send their template letter to the address passed to them by the OC. It is, therefore, a misleading communication and a breach of OFT Guidance. If anyone from SRJ is looking in and would care to challenge my assertion, I am able to prove it - and indeed will be doing so soon as part of a formal complaint.' Who is the 'OC'? How likely is it that someone will turn up at my address, and what powers would they have?
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