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  1. third time lucky (hopefully with no personal details!!) bad day! got broadband problems at home so have printed all this out and will read tonight and log back on tomorrow i'm in a bit of a daze with all this info at the moment!! scan.pdf
  2. only got pdf reader at work so can't edit, have re scanned as attached and hopefully no personal details - can someone delete previous scan? thanks for all the posts - gonna read thru tonight
  3. sorry done it in hurry and missed those - can you tell me how to delete that pdf?? or can I edit the pdf??
  4. i've attached everything i've received from tescos / rbs / solicitors re the loan - can't find a default notice, just a letter threatening default. i'm sure i've never recieved one as I copy everything and send to case worker at cab and keep all my copies in a file and could find nothing hope this helps make things a little clearer thanks so much for your advice
  5. 42-man I can scan them in this afternoon, once i've nipped home and found particulars
  6. it came with a stamp from Northampton County court and basically has my details, the claimants details and incassos details along with amount I owe, plus court fees and solicitors costs at it came with a response pack and ackowledgement and financial statement (4 pages in total)
  7. I know I have the original loan agreemetn, default notice and court forms and I also think i've recieved a termination letter but would need to check at home (at work at mo)
  8. but I recieved a county court claim form from them on Saturday, a day after I spoke to them and they said tehy'd give me a week to speak to cab!! can I stop this going to court? I will take your advice and stop talking to them verbally and i'll write requesting cooling off period thanks
  9. Hi, no ccj on this, i've never missed a months payment just made reduced payments which were originally agreed by them. i haven't requested copies of my agreements as cab have never advised me to, and never heard of SAR!! I have recieved a default notice yes. thanks i'll have a look at templates and around the forum Also don't want to lose house as debt is in my name soley and house is in joint names and I have a toddler of 2years
  10. I need some advice please. I got into a lot of debt a few years back after falling pregnant and hubby losing his business and again hubby lost another job back in April. I have been seeking the advice of the cab since then and they were setting up a DMP with me. All of my creditors have accepted my offers apart from Tesco finance for an original loan of £25k 3 years ago. When I went on maternity leave I asked if I couild reduce my monthly payments to £50 a month and they agreed, it was then very hard for me to make higher payments has oh was unemployed. Anyway cab offered them £466 per
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