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  1. quick update regarding the PPI, they sent a questionnaire which I did not complete, the 8 weeks came and went a long time ago and out of the blue a letter from welcome admitting mis-selling an and offer of compensation:D. oh Happy Days!!! many thanks to this site and all who post on here!
  2. bump, need to know where to find the above letters please...
  3. Thanks guys sorry to be a pain but where do I find the bemused letter? I have an old CCA letter but is there a newer template anywhere?
  4. Quick update, I looked through all my old paperwork and found a letter from Crapquest back in June 2009 saying they were collecting on behalf of Rob Way. I sent a CCA and the £1 postal order in the same month to Crapquest. Received a reply confirming reciept of my request from Crapquest and that they would put the account on hold for 28 days. I never heard from Crapquest again (nor did I receive my £1 back ) I am now confused as to how they could be acting on behalf of Rob Way and sending me post to my current address when Rob Way later stuck a default on my credit file at my
  5. wow, makes you sick doesn't it? can't wait for my SAR to come back from welcome
  6. Anybody have any ideas where to go from here? Do I contact my credit file informing them that I have no relation to this company or do I pursue the company asking for CCA / SAR etc etc? Help please....
  7. Hi M and M No I don't get post from my previous address.... I was in a financial mess 2-3 years ago but settled all outstanding debts (even though some of them were partial settlements). Since then all but 2 of the old accounts have dropped off my credit file (the 2 remaining just showing a partial settlement). This one has come out of the blue, could it be for an old settled account? Where do I go from here?
  8. Thanks guys will get on the case this weekend
  9. HELP PLEASE looking at my experian credit report today a new credit agreement has appeared for a company called Robinson Way who I have never heard of or had any dealings with. the agreement has been added to a previous address that I have not lived at for over a year stating a default back in 2005! I have read posts on here regarding CCA's and subject access requests? Do I need to do 1 or both of these forms? If so are there any templates someone can direct me to? Keep up the good work everyone...
  10. ...am I right in thinking that it is against the law to state that you are a baliff if you are not?
  11. I have been dipping in and out of this site for a while now and towards the end of last year submitted a complaint for mis-sold PPI (was told on the phone no insurance no loan!) Now after reading what a complete shower this company is at providing copies of agreements would like to go the whole hog and see what else they have done unlawfully... I have read a lot of posts and have tried to piece together what I need to do, but finally decided that I need HELP to take me through this step by step - hence starting my own thread.... Keep up the good work guys, brings me great pleasu
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