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  1. Does anyone know if it is at all possible to chase up a transaction from a bank account that is now closed? This is RBS and it has been closed for 11mths. There are no cheque stubs or statements anymore. cheers!
  2. Hehe thank you for the help. How on earth do they expect people to settle debts in any way shape or form if they dont tell you a thing about them? pft...
  3. sorry... it didnt display it all ... i haveno read what an SAR is
  4. As of yet, they are saying that nothing at all has been paid for 2 yrs and no payement was recieved at all with regards to that cheque. Sadly i dont think its as easy as interest :O( I have read about the CCA letter.. is it worth sending one off to the agency that are supposed to be dealing with this 'debt'? Whats a SAr.. im so new to this, lol And I spelt HSBC wrong do'h
  5. Hi all.. I wonder if anyone cas help. I have just payed off my overdraft with HSBC and had a few hundred in credit as a result. I have now seen that they have taken £200 from my account. On enquiry, i was told that this was against a credit card i had with them.. My husband sent a cheque ( we are in the process of finding out exaclty what happened to this cheque!) For the full owed ammount.. £1600 ish around a yr ago. I therefore thought it had been payed off and game over.. But, I now find, there has been no payments for 2 yrs according to them. It was passed to Metropoli
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