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  1. hey. this reply prob wont be much use, but if there is anything here that helps then good. yeah i've been dealing with PTP very recently after defaulting this month. after sending off a few em@ils i got sick of the standard response that they don't deal with em@ils too. i eventually phoned them and got a tw4t from ireland threatening door to door collections etc. the fact this guy was an idiot and really annoyed me made it far easier to state to my case in no uncertain terms.. with a slighty raised voice. he said he was passing it on to his team leader and to expect a phone call soo
  2. hey all. i'm back so my situation is pretty much the exact same. continuing to pay interest at extorsionate rates and getting more depressed and distant from the world by the day / month. the one place i find some normalitly and enjoy being is actually my work, which i never thought i would ever say. this month was particularly hard, monthly salary gone by the 7th and my partner supporting the both of us for over 3 weeks on not a great wage. it's been hard, although at least now they know the mess i'm in. plenty over-time worked this month to help pay excessive bank charges etc etc
  3. well a really big thanks to everyone who's takn time out to get back to me, its really quite heatening, thanks v much. cant believe ive never stumbled across this forum before it's all stil a bit much to take in just now but i'm willing to wait a week or so before i take a deep breath and start acting on my decisions. my paydays are all end of the month, but want to have the ball rolling a few weeks before that, 2 weeks before then is when i'll have to start acting. its all a bit scary but i know the long term benefits are there and there are success stories all over this forum as well
  4. i'm even contemplating a logbook loan against the value of my car to pay these guys off. hopefully help spread the cost and lose the fear of my work being contacted
  5. i know i'll be echoing a number of posts and threads but i've been juggling 3 payday loans for over a year now and i'm so depressed and sick of it. i dread to think the thousands i've paid in interest alone and not moving the total due figure 1 penny. im due 500 + 125 interest to payday uk, 400 + 100 interest to quick quid ad 500 + 135 interest to poundstillpyday, and im in a mess because of it. 355 a month gone in interest before i even start. i've tried woring all the overtime going at work to pay off all the interest and try to reduce them by 100 each a month bu its not working, i still end
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