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  1. Hi All, I did not submit my defence for this claim in time as I had issues with my relationship (police and domestic violence unit involved). This issue caused me to miss the deadline for submitting my defence and subsequently M&S /DG Solicitors gained a CCJ by default. I subsequently buried my head in the sand and got a debt management company to act on my behalf because I had bigger issues on my mind. I have recently been issued with a variation order from my local courts in favour of monthly installments to M&S. Can anyone give any advice on what I should do
  2. hi erdy, technically being a director does not mean you are an employee of the company and hence whilst there is work involved running a business it is not neccessarily paid work. Providing that you are still looking for work and actively seeking work you may still be able to claim JSA however once you start to take money out of the business then your circumstances will change. I think you are allowed to do so many hours part time without affecting your JSA and it might be worthwhile asking the job centre what the limits are on this. you could lay the company dormant but th
  3. hi chungasarnies have you put this in writing to 3? if not then you should be disputing the £20.52 (ex. vat) in charges. Once you have put this into dispute with 3 then you can quite rightly not pay the part of the bill that is in dispute. i've had issues with 3 and their mobile broadband products which i sucessfully resolved by threatening to go to Ofcom as it was for a similar issue.
  4. hi diddy The DN was dated 11/08/2009 and I received a final demand dated 26/08/2009 how can the figure quoted in the invalid DN be post termination I did not receive it after 26/08/2009? Also is the final demand classed as termination of the account?
  5. Hi diddydick, Thanks for your post does that mean that because they have demanded the full amount before termination that they can ask for the full amount or does this simply mean that if it is found that their default notice is defective then potentially there is no liability for the the arrears or the full balance because of the termination? what would constitute as acceptance of their unlawful recission? the only response i made was a letter thanking them for their letter and telling them that their letter was a breach of the consumer credit act 1974 not sure
  6. Hi Vint, Thanks for the input. CPR 31.15 letter being posted tomorrow (26/02). Are there any advantages or pitfalls for submitting the longer embarrassed defence above?
  7. Hi Vint, Thanks for the input!. Just to recap: Court letter dated 03/02/2010 Court letter received on 006/02/2010 Date of Service is 08/02/2010 Acknowledgement of service online on 08/02/2010 CPR 31.14 letter sent 09/02/2010 CPR 31.14 reminer letter sent 19/02/2010 Embarrased defence due by 08/03/2010 (is that correct? and if so should i be looking at getting this submitte by 01/03/2010 i,e 1 week before due date?) Also When should I send the N244 to the court? before or after I submit my defence i.e 26/02/2010?
  8. Hi Debbbbsy, Thanks for your post. It certainly sounds like a similar claim. Just wondering what my best course for defence would be now. I have illegible agrrement and terms, defective default notice and also the fact that I never really signed up for a &more credit card, just an M&S account card! Will give your thread a thorough going over. Anyone got any ideas regarding the wording for my defence base on the above criteria? I've got a couple of threads to look over so hopefully will turn up some good info. Thanks again!
  9. Hi banker_rhymes_with, Thanks for stopping by and giving some input. How do I go about doing this, where do I get the form and how much will it cost? Also, do I have to wait until they do not respond to my reminder 31.14 letter or can I do this now? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi WelshMam2009, Thanks for taking the time to provide those resources. I will certainly give them a thorough looking over. DG Solicitors have not responded to my CPR 31.14 request so I am sending out a reminder today, fingers crossed they are thinking that they might not have a case. Only time will tell!!!
  11. Hi WelshMam2009, Thanks for reading my thread. I will have a look at your thread on the format of DN's. I am hoping that they are getting desperate and pull out at the 11th hour. I clearly never signed up for a credit card and all they have is an application for a store card (which wasn't even filled out by myself) which has completely different terms in itself i.e can only be used in store etc but no agreement was actually sent so no contract was made. Somewhere along the line they have converted it into a credit card and are trying to enforce an application form as proof
  12. Hi Vint, I have received no response so far regarding the CPR 31.14 letter an the 7 days expires this week. What is the next letter (follow up) to be sent and also when or do I need to issue a CPR 18 letter? Cheers
  13. Hi Monty, DO NOT mention anything about a dodgy DN to the claimant, this is your defence and as such can form part of your hand. If you were playing poker, would you show your opponents your hand? Don't worry, there are many people on here in similar situations, you have 10 days to respond (and you can do it online), thats plenty of time for someone who has experience on here to give you a helping hand. Be patient and use your time on here to browse some other threads, in particular those who are having similar claims from the same Organisaitions. From what i have read
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