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  1. 'No further action' My case has been NFA'd. I received a phone call at about 9 a.m. today from Basingstoke Police Station to say that I do not need to surrender my bail at noon as my case is now marked 'no further action'. So my prediction turned out to be correct: I have now spent seven months under police investigation because of this lying DWP employee (five previously plus two because of this latest malicious complaint). I still have a clean police record. Look, here come those cheerleaders again ... :cheer2::cheer2:
  2. Thanks san_d. Sorry, could not find a message from you in my inbox. Would like to talk more with you.
  3. Thanks san_d, I just tried to send you a private message, but was unable to. Can you message me?
  4. My arrest and interrogation At 5.30 am on Thursday 10 May, the police came banging on my door and shouting. I ignored them. I am not going to have the police snatch me sleepy, hungry and mentally unprepared for an interrogation. They came again at 5.00 pm, and on Friday (12.30 am, 8 am, 8 pm), and Saturday (12.15 pm, 8.30 pm). Eventually, I got a card asking me to call Basingstoke Police Station. On Wednesday 23 May, I phoned Basingstoke Police Station and spoke to xxxxxxx, the investigating officer. He confirmed that the former guard had made a complaint of ‘harassment’ agains
  5. Background to my arrest 1. My letter from the DWP On 2 May 2012, a woman named xxxx of the DWP wrote me this letter: ‘I am writing to you about the incidents that took place one 19th April, 30th April and 1st May 2012 at our Basingstoke office. As far as we can determine you do not have any business with that office so there is no apparent reason why you were there. You have been observed looking around the building, looking through windows, and loitering outside. In most circumstances just looking around the office would not attract any attention, but in view of your past histo
  6. I am arrested again (24 May 2012) I have been arrested again and am now on police bail following the latest malicious complaint against me by the former guard of Alton Jobcentre, now New Claims Adviser at Basingstoke Jobcentre. The former guard claims that my recent visits to Basingstoke Jobcentre are criminal harassment. As I reported above, she is still working for the DWP, despite the ruling against her by DWP investigators in 2010. On 24 May 2012, I spent seven and a half hours in police custody, mostly in a cell at Basingstoke Police Station. I was interrogated by two pol
  7. Thanks, I will definitely do this. But see my next postings ...
  8. I guess the security checks would be for a criminal record, which she does not have. All the same, her own employer investigated her and judged her to be a liar. The sensible thing to have done would be to have let her temporary contract expire and quietly part company with her. One of the bizarre things about this case is that government investigators have concluded that this woman lied to police, yet the Hampshire Constabulary have never charged her with making false statements or attempting to pervert the course of justice. Those, most surely, are the offenses she has committed.
  9. Some new information. The former guard is now a New Claims Adviser. At the time of the DWP investigation in 2010, she was under temporary contract at a DWP office where she had no face-to-face contact with the public. After the DWP investigators judged her to have lied to police about jobseekers, I had assumed the DWP would keep her at Totton BDC and let her go after her contract expired. Amazingly, the DWP not only moved her to a frontline role in a jobcentre but in January 2012 they gave her a permanent contract. The potential for her to cause trouble is therefore increased. B
  10. The former guard is now working at Basingstoke Jobcentre, Hampshire. At the time of the DWP investigation in 2010 - which concluded that she had lied to police about me and another man at Alton Jobcentre - she was on a temporary contract with the DWP at Totton BDC (Benefits Delivery Centre) in Hampshire. She has been working at Basingstoke Jobcentre since at least October 2011, and in January 2012 her DWP contract was made permanent.
  11. It's the front page story in today's Daily Mail as well: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2104539/Emma-Harrison-4-staff-David-Camerons-work-tsar-arrested-fraud-inquiry.html?ito=feeds-newsxml It'll be interesting to see what developments follow. In 2009, A4e lost a DWP contract following a fraud investigation, and in 2010 they were fined £60,000 for losing the unencrypted personal data of more than 25,000 jobseekers.
  12. Update This thread has told the story of a scandal at Alton Jobcentre Plus, Hampshire where between 2008 and 2009 a malicious security guard persecuted two innocent men with false accusations to the police. I was falsely accused by her of racist abuse, swearing, racial harassment, homophobic harassment and much else besides between Jan 2008 and Oct 2009. I was arrested and interrogated several times but never charged. My friend was falsely accused of threatening her in the jobcentre in December 2008 and convincingly demonstrated his innocence in a case at Alton Magistrates Court in
  13. Baroness Flather exposes the milking of the benefits system by Muslim immigrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2037998/UK-immigration-Polygamy-welfare-benefits-insidious-silence.html She highlights a serious problem. Her politically correct opponents have predictably called her 'racist', though the Baroness is herself Pakistani.
  14. Yes, there is a very unfortunate strain of anti-intellectualism in British society. I have been told by various people to avoid mentioning on my C.V. that I have a first-class honours degree. A lot of stress is placed on having 'experience' in job advertisements, as if this were some great leveler, but ability is a far greater quality. * * * Staff at my jobcentre do not like the contracting of A4e by JCP, believing that it is taking work they should be doing. They are pretty amazed that A4e, after losing its previous contract over the fraud scandal in 2009, were then aw
  15. I have been placed on the Work Programme with A4e and yesterday was seen by an A4e ‘recruiter/client adviser’. He decided that he was going to rewrite my C.V. and ended up giving me a new one littered with bad grammar and untruthful statements about my previous employment. He began by cutting and pasting the Personal Profile from his own C.V., saying it was a ‘generic’ that he always uses for A4e clients. It goes: A motivated, conscientious and meticulous individual who performs to high standards at all times. With high level organisational and instructional abilities in a fas
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