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  1. @ patdavies - Thanks very much for your response. The assault caution came as a shock to me as at no time during the night or even in the morning was it mentioned by the police. I am very upset that this is on the CRB as to me, assault is quite a serious matter. I would have thought that if I had really assaulted a police, I would have been arrested and charged, rather than just cautioned? I have been reading up what I can do next but there doesn't seem to be (or I haven't found) an official way forward. Do I take this up with the CRB, or with the Police or with an independent body like the IPCC? If anyone has been through a similar sort of situation, I would appreciate it if you could let me know it panned out.
  2. Hi all, Have read some of the other CRB threads with great interest and would appreciate advice on my situation. I am looking to work with children/ youth and received my enhanced CRB check recently. On the CRB, it states that I had been cautioned with Assault on Police, and being Drunk and Disorderly about 4 years ago. What had happened was that the transport police had chided me on something or other and had taken issue with my response. When I walked away from them, they then took hold of me. One of them grabbed at my knee, which I jerked away protectively as I had just been through major knee surgery less than 2 months ago. All of a sudden about 3 or 4 of them showed up and took me away to the station and locked me up for the night. My partner was with me the whole time and at the station he asked the police what they would be charging me with. They said that there would be no charge and that they just wanted to ensure I was safe for the night. He continually asked them if there would be any record of the incident and they kept assuring him that there would not be any record. 4 years later, I've now got a CRB report with 2 cautions which I do not recall accepting. Thinking back though, I did sign some papers prior to leaving the station but did so just to get out of the place as I just wanted to get home. In addition, the police had continually said that the incident was not on record and signing the papers was just a formality. At no point did they tell me that this could one day hurt my career chances or explain what the caution really meant. If I had known, I would not have accepted the caution as I still believe I was unfairly picked on by the police. I am looking to lodge an appeal against these cautions; can you advise if I have a chance here? What is the likelihood of the caution being expunged from my record or will the police now have a vendetta against me? Also, as only relevant cautions are included on a CRB, would you consider this sort of information relevant to working with children? Thanks all.
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