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  1. I would just like to say a massive thank you to Malc and EON's web team for all their help sorting out the problems I had outlined in this thread. The level of customer service I received was second to none and based on that alone I have no problems recommending EON to anyone needing a new energy supplier with outstanding customer service. 10/10 Thanks again, your a real credit to Eon Stu
  2. Ignore my last message, as I have under 30 posts I cant pm you. I will forward it all in an email Cheers Stu
  3. Hi Malc, I have checked the meter a number of times to see when the time switches. I'll send you a pm and email with these details Thanks for you help so far Stu
  4. Hi Malc, If i check at different intervals tomorrow to try and see when the rate switches, hopefully this will give a better understanding of whats happening. Would i need to call and give this information so the guy coming out will have the right equipment as you said, or could i PM you my account number and you arrange this for me? As for the 60/40 split, i think it should be biased more towards night time usage, as im not in the flat during the day and only have the fridge freezer running and of an evening only have minimal use. At night I heat water using electric and use the was
  5. I checked again around 10pm last night and 7.30am this morning and the meter was still flashing rate 1. So i have no idea whats going on at the moment. il will check at other random intervals during the day tomorrow to see what rate is being used though
  6. Hi Malc, Thanks for your reply, very informative. As you suggested, I took two meter readings a couple of hours apart. Which has possibly unfolded another fault with the meter. When I took a reading at 5pm, the number 2 rate was flashing, as I expected it to. I took a further reading a few minutes ago, this was after running the cooker for 30 minutes or so, kettle, tv etc and weirdly the number 1 is now flashing, so the time settings look like they may well be well out of sync. Both the 1 and 2 readings have increased by 1kw.
  7. Another thing that has just occured to me, the guy I spoke to last night from e.on said that when the person comes out to inspect the meter he may be able to switch the two figures over to how e.on think they should display, which would mean I would be charged correctly. This wouldnt be a problem if I was staying with them, but my supply switches to EDF sometime between now and mid month and I dont want to have to go through this process again to get them reversed to read how EDF use them.
  8. Sure no problem, please let me know I noticed that my reply came as a block text, when i typed it into the message box it was spaced correctly, but the posted message had blocked it all together. It may be something to do with my work computer, as last night my posts were correctly spaced. I have edited the last post with P tags, so it should hopefully display properly now
  9. Thanks for your replies. As for speaking to the media, could you PM me some info regarding what this would entail? I found a thread started by mattlamb, I believe it may have been his opening post, which is extremely relevant to me, as I live in a south eastern area, Kent. The thread title references East Anglia or North London, although I don’t live in close proximity to either of these areas, he mentions Essex, which is under 2 miles from me (I live 2 minutes from the Dartford bridge which leads into Essex). /forum/showthread.php?306215-Southern-customers-livin
  10. I moved into my first flat a month ago. When i moved in the supplier was E.on, so i called and registered with them and verified final readings given by the previous tenant by their instructions of how to read the meter In an attempt to save money I run a comparrison on uSwitch and picked out a new plan with EDF. Since moving in i have been taking weekly meter readins to see my average usage and approx spend. I took a reading after work today at 17.30 and noticed the number 2 reading was flashing, indicating that was the rate being used and similarly I checked again just before
  11. I hope this is posted in the right section. ive recently decided t take the plunge and get on the property ladder, so i spoke to a family friend who is a mortgage advisor, she advised me to get an experian credit report before applying anywhere. My credit report showed two defaults. She told me that i should look into getting them removed before i apply for a mortgage as i would get better rates and more available lenders. The two defaults were; 1. Capital one - £618 - satisfied - says i defaulted in April 2007. It doesnt say the date this was paid off but i remember payin
  12. the name is 'Parking Control Services' yes there is a sign displayed on the wall, which is (at a guess) 15 foot in the air.
  13. Hi all, hope you can help me. just over a month ago, i went to visit my grandfather. parked my car in a parking bay outside his flat block. as its a permit only area i wrote out a note saying i was collecting the permit and will be back soon. so i went upstairs to his flat, to collect the permit from him, i returned in possibly 10-12 minutes to find a parking ticket and a clamp. so i called the number on the ticket 0906 number! (£1.50 per minute) to expain, i was greeted by a very rude abrubt man who told me i was lieing, they had clamped several cars since i had been there (l
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