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  1. to steven4064 Your presumption that leases are renewed anually is wrong. Some licences run indefinately and others last untill the caravan reaches a certain age. IN either case the review date for site fees is 1st of January in any year for the duration of the licence. There is no provision to allow changes Mid-season. [edit - I already covered these points in my post above - it does not need saying again]
  2. I refer to post 217 by happyowner, 1. seeing that all owners recieved notification of the entertainment for sept/oct. on saturday you must have spoken to him at the first meeting. He had no choice but to cancell the charges for tickets. because he said that the site fee increase was for the running of the camp for the extra 4 months. Then in a later "news letter" He thanked 70% of people for paying the extra, and then said he had been spending your money on entertainment for the winter season. Which means if he charges for tickets you are paying for the same thing twice. This would be unacce
  3. So IRELANDISSUPERMAN, you are a licencee, who isn't busy on sunday, and supports Manchesters 2nd team I smell.........mmmmmmmmmm BACON! YOU MUST BE THE BAR MANAGER ON GOLDEN SANDS! So now people can I ask you to ignore him and his cronies and stick to the thread PLEASE.
  4. to any new readers we may seem to have wandered from the original thread, but these are the same people who treated Red Rebel so unfairly.
  5. That would be ideal but the owners won't give us a choice!
  6. Aprox 300 vans X £600 = £180,000. A tidy sum! That is £37.19. per van per week. If 150 of you want the extra season you should pay £74.38 per week and the gas you use will still be subsidised. Are you prepaired to pay that monchenblue?
  7. hello monchenblue My opinion is that just-ice has got you sussed. And your fishing trip has left you with an empty net. You and happy as larry are singing from the same hymn sheet. And your grab all attitude is in line with management thinking. Red Rebel is right! I agree with them completely. If you don't want to help resolve the situation, then you are part of the problem!!!!
  8. May be if the rules were fair, and imposed Unilatterally they may gain some respect. The only thing that is common to all are price increases.
  9. Spot on! I have just heard of a holiday-maker who asked a caravan owner if they could bring their dog. The owner quoted clause 6 of the site rules (only caravan owners can bring their pets). The holiday-maker then Phoned golden sands, Who gave them permission to bring their dog. Without consulting the caravan owner. I wonder if Golden Sands will pay for any damage caused by this animal? Why should they over-ride an owner who is sticking to their rules? Any owner who rents through Golden Sands! You Know what to expect!!!
  10. Hi just-ice Mr Clark said he was not going to charge for party tickets. If his vans are booked out will his customers get priority over owners?
  11. Did any one notice? In the owners news letter "we heve been busy booking all of the winter entertainment and fun activities with your cash."and goes on to say "Get your ticket requests in quickly to avoid disappointment." Obviously there will be a charge, so you are paying Twice!! On the positive side the David Bellamy Award is a fantastic achievement.
  12. Hi Red Rebel, I am new to this forum but Having read all the postings, I have to say I agree with you. Although not very site operator is as bad as these bullies.
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