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  1. Hy everyone, I'm a fresh new member of this forum and I really hope you can help me in this. I'm not english but I'll try to be as clear as possible to you regarding my problem. I've been issued a parking charge notice from Euro car parks for leaving my car parked longer that the maximum period of 2 hrs specifically from 11:01 to 13:49 :-?. I've already written 2 appeals in regard since they ( well the employee) made a mistake. As I specifically clarified to them, that day I parked the car at 11.00 and left within not more then 5 min. The same day I came back at 13.05 and left at 14.45. Neither the sum of both parking periods exceeds the maximum time permitted. After having explained the event I wrote down my determination in not paying any fine. They received both letters (I sent by recorded delivery) and they replyed to the first one with a parcking charge notice enforcement. It would be my word against the employee's one, and they don't have any evidence at all a part from the employee report, neither a camera record that I asked for to prove I was right . I do not intend to pay, it would be extortion of money from them. Can you give me some advice? What will I have to expect from them? Thanks a lot in advance for any help
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