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  1. Hi I have only just got your reply as I havent been able to get on here for a couple of weeks as there as been a problem with my laptop. Since I asked for the advice I have received another letter from Fredricksons saying the following.....Despite a recent letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors you have failed to discharge your debt with our client Argos Card Services. We are prepared to offer you one final opportunity to pay before recommending to our client that they instruct solicitors to issue a claim at ( our address). At this late stage and as a gesture of goodwill we are prepared to accept
  2. Hi can anyone help me with the above post. Thanks.
  3. Hi I posted the letter you suggested and Bryan Carter signed for it, havent had a reply from him. Today I received a letter from Fredricksons again saying thankyou for your recent communication however we need to discuss this matter further with you. Goes on to say call our office and the account is on hold for 10 days if I do not contact them further action may be taken. I havent sent any letter recently to Fredricksons just the one to Bryan Carter just wondered if you might be able to advise me what I should do. Thanks again for your help.
  4. Thanks for your quick reply and advice I will get that done today. Makes me feel better about things having this site to turn to .
  5. Hi just wondering if someone can give me some advice please. I sent a CCA request to Argos over a year ago now and they sent me a copy of the application form that I filled in. After seeking advice on here I was told that it was unenforcable. Several months later it as been sent to Moorcroft then Fredricksons both of who I sent a bemused letter to and said that the account is in dispute with Argos. The last I heard off Fredricksons was that they had put the account on hold until they had got in touch with Argos. Today I have received a letter from Bryan Carter saying that if payment is not mad
  6. Hiya thanks for the advice but do you know if theres a template letter I can send to OFT and Moorcroft as I am not sure what to write.
  7. Hi thanks for your quick reply I did send the "BEMUSED LETTER" to Moorcroft so will I not need to send anymore letters. I am just worried what they will do if I ignore these letters. Thanks again for your help.
  8. Hi just hoping someone can give me some advice please. I sent a CCA request to Argos and they sent me a copy of an application form with my signature on , I posted it up on here and was told that it was unenforcable. I sent Account in dispute letter to Argos and they replied saying that they had provided the information I requested. Two months down the line I have recieved a letter from Moorcroft saying that the account had been passed to them for collection. I wrote to them saying that Argos had sent a signed application form not a enforcable credit agreement and that the account is in disput
  9. Hi just wondering if someone could give me advice please. I bought a Mg ZR in July and three weeks later I noticed that it was losing water anyway I rang the garage and after a bit of a discussion he said that he would take it in find out what was wrong with it and repair it. Two days later I picked the car up from the garage and was told that he had fitted a new radiator and he thought the fault had been sorted. He said if I had anymore problems to get back in touch, now about 9 weeks later its losing water again telephoned the guy and he said its not his problem he will not pay for the repai
  10. Thanks for the advice I have sent the letter off to them.
  11. Hi just need some advice please, I sent a CCA request off to Argos and they replied by sending me a copy of a signed application form. I posted it on this site and somebody replied to me saying it was unenforceable. I then put the account in dispute saying that what they had sent me was an application form with no terms and conditions on it but Argos have carried on adding late payment charges,interest and now over the credit limit charges. I received a letter from them on the 6th October saying that they have fulfilled their obligations under s78 and that regulation 3 provides that the copy m
  12. Thanks for your replies which I found very helpfull. I have another problem now though, Grattan sent the letter on 28th september saying that they will not be pursuing the debt and no further collection activity will take place on the account and today I received a letter from EOS Solutions saying the account has been passed on to them and demanding payment. I rang EOS and explained that Grattan were not pursuing the debt but they didnt want to know. Can anyone tell me what I need to do now. Thankyou in advance.
  13. Hi just hoping someone could give me some advice please. I requested a copy of the credit agreement with Grattan catologue and they could not provide it so I put the account in dispute. A few days ago I received a letter from them saying" after reviewing the account they will not be pursuing the debt and no further collections activity will be taken but the details of the account will be registered with a credit reference agency." Can anyone advise me if they are allowed to still register this debt with the credit reference agency and if not is there a letter I can send to them. Thankyou in ad
  14. No worrys but I thought same as you it had the signature and prescribed terms so it would be enforceable. Thanks for the letter Il get that sent off to Argos.
  15. Hi I was just wandering what I should do next if the Argos agreement is not enforceable. Thanks again.
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