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  1. I recollect sending recorded delivery letters to a PO Box in York and they were signed for without a problem.
  2. Sorry for your loss. If you are thinking of employing a solicitor I would suggest you ask about their fees and charges before giving them the business.
  3. Sorry for your loss. I am sure someone better informed than me will be along soon to advise you but in the mean time. I believe that, if there is a will then the named executor/s have the duty to collect/discover all the assests of your father. Once those assests have been discovered/collected and, dependant on the value of the estate, probate extracted then it is the duty of the executor to pay creditors of the estate. I think there is a defined order in which the creditors are to be paid, until the money runs out, if it does. (This list/order is published in various threads on this forum but off the top of my head I can't think of a suitable thread, sorry.) If after these creditors have been paid there is still money in the pot then the remaining creditors are paid, ( sorry I don't know how the money is allocated to these creditors). After that any residue is dispersed as per the instructions in the will. If, as the above order is followed, the money runs out then, I believe, it's tough luck for any remaining creditors. Please note that assests may include property but that depends on the nature of the ownership and that advice will have to come from someone else. If there is no will then I think the above order of payment to creditors idea remains true buy it gets a bit more complicated as to who has to pay them on behalf of the estate.
  4. If this has been said already then my apologises for not reading all the way through the thread but............. It may seem daft and ok some people may take it to extremes but I believe that the person on the till that sells alchohol or ANY age restricted product to an underage person is legally liable and can end up with a criminal record if the buyer is stopped by the police etc etc. If the person on the till is themselves under 18 they have to get the approval of another sales assisitant etc who is over 18 and in such cases both members of staff are legally liable etc etc. Ditto if the restricted product is sold to an adult who is buying it for an underage person. Given these liabilities I am not surprised that sales are refused. If it were you on a till would you want a criminal record? Better to err on the side of caution I think!
  5. I am sure I have seen a spectacles repair kit in Tesco's, in the 'hardware' section. I think there were screws in it but my glasses are bust so I couldn't be sure. I'll check next time I am in.
  6. Can you take a picture of what remains of the handle on the washing machine and post it on here? That might provide an insight into how the door may be opened. If you do go into the machine via removing the top PLEASE DO UNPLUG THE MACHINE FIRST, there are likely to be a lot of exposed contacts in there if the machine were still plugged into the mains, I speak from electrifying experience zzzzzzzzzzzzzzztttttttttttttt
  7. If one might have been speeding and might have been caught would it be detrimental to one's case to contact the Spanish embassy in London to find out if the ticket is legit? If it's a [problem] and enough people pester the embassy maybe the embassy staff will get fed up enough to have a word with their colleges back home
  8. " I'll fill all the details in" ..... which details, Labrats's ordeals???????
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