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  1. Hi, This is what the officer at the car pound told me: If I sign the car over to them, they probably won't come after me for the towing and storage fee. He said 'probably' and couldn't promise. However,I was kind of out of options, so took a gamble on this. Next he said I should pay the PCN then appeal against it via a form he gave me. So I paid it and then filled in the form and sent it off to Croydon Council this morning. As you can guess I'm pretty clueless about all this stuff. I just took the advice of the guy at the car pound and followed what he told me. This was m
  2. The ofiicers at the pound said I could appeal and gave me a form to do so.
  3. I've just cycled down to the pound and asked if I could check to see if my car would start. He let me try and no, it didn't start. The guy suggested , as you have, that I sign the car over to them. He reckoned that it's unlikely that once I've done this that they will chase me for the £250 towing away charge. I took a gamble and did this. Don't know if this guy knows what he's talking about but I took te chance that they won't come after me for the £250. I did pay the PCN which was £40, but will appeal. I have absolutely no evidence that the car broke down except some bloke in a dodgy g
  4. I have to call a garage to come to the pound to pick up the car.That will cost £100. They said if they dont get payment, they crush the car and then send baliffs round. There's no scope for 'doing a deal'.
  5. Hi...its council. It was in a pay and display parking zone. In fact the car conked out just as I was pulling in to the bay marked on the road, which is weird.
  6. My Friend, who gave me the car 2 years ago (she got it for £300 from some dodgy guy up the road) was insistent that I pick it up and kind of scared me into going to pick it up late last night. So we went to the pound at 10pm (it's open till midnight) and I was resigned to paying up. However, they were short stafffed and had closed early, so I'd arranged to go back today. However, I really don't want to pay all that cash for what may end up being a pile of junk . What will the car pound do? Just keep sending me letters and demands and then send the balliffs round? The only thing I o
  7. It was all dealt with over the phone I'm afraid (i.e. my call to the garage), so any appeal I make is probably not going to be successful. I'm not too fussed about the £60 PCN....it's the cost of getting the car out of the pound, which will be £300 now (they add £50 a day for it being there) plus the cost of the tow to the garage and any repair...wich is likely to be prohibitive on it's own. As I say, the car is only worth £200. What do other people reckon? Would it be a bad move to leave the car in the bound and ignore the repurcussions. As you can tell, I dont have much
  8. Hi, I've got a really cheap old Fiat Cinquecento that died on me yesterday just as I was parking it in a pay and display bay. I didn't have a phone on me so I had to get the bus home, look up car recovery services on the net and arrange for a tow to a local garage. This took a couple of hours. When I went to wait by my car for the tow, the car had been towed away. I was told it would cost £250 to release it from the car pound, £60 for the PCN, £100 for the tow to the garage plus god knows how much to repair the car, if it's repairable at all. Bearing in mind that the c
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