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  1. Have UNUM issued you with a "Final Decision". This is a letter that should state at the top Final Decision. If not then you need to request a final decision as part of the complaints procedure. They have eight weeks to reply with the decision. If you are not happy with the decision then you can take your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. They will expect you to have gone through Unum's compliant procedure and been issued with the final decision letter. You fill in their complaint form available on the FOS web site to start the process. I would expect a minimum of six mo
  2. I think you should except that you flat mate probably lied to you when they said the bill was all paid up, it happens. The amount they are asking for seems to be for a third of the bill. You could carry on trying to ignore them and send the standard replies to the debt collectors but it does seem to be a legitimate request for payment, if you assume that your flat mate didn't pay the bill. You have to be careful that they don't make you libel for the whole amount though if you do decide to pay and I wouldn't pay any additional costs.
  3. I think that the FOS would want to hear your compliant in your own words. If you know which clause in the policy you are challenging then I don't see that a solicitor is needed. Really if a solicitor was needed they would have to have some specialty in medical cases and insurance and then would only be needed if you didn't know how to make a challenge against the policy. I can't see the point in employing one just to word your compliant in a better way. The FOS will look at your compliant and compare it with the policy. They may ask your wife's doctors for their opinion. They may possible
  4. Actually I find your comment belittling. Why should the person stress themselves out reading what is obviously someone elses mail and someone elses debt. Either send it back unopended or chuck it in the bin. It's the telehone calls that are the problem that needs dealing with.
  5. You shouldn't open letters not addressed to you. You should put RTS on the front and "Not at this Address" and stick them back in the postal system. Also how could they not only have your address, your landline but also your mobile number?
  6. Hi, First of all, although the lady said she would send the report to you, I think it is right that she sent it to your employer but you have a right to request a copy. She was probably mistaken when she said "I will send it to you". Was this examination classed as an Independent Medical Examination? I'm assuming that Royal Mail are using the Atos Sickness Absence Management service, the main aim being to reduce sickness absenteeism for Royal Mail. If this is the case then I feel that you have the right to ask your employer for an Independent Medical Examination. It is probably
  7. I have been down the path of having a claim stopped by an insurance company and having to go to the FOS. The adjudicator upheld my complaint but the insurance company didn't except the decision so an Ombudsman decision was asked for and the Ombudsman upheld my complaint and ruled that the insurance company should continue to pay out. This process took a year and you should expect a similar length of time to complete this complaint. You now have six months from the date of the final decision to lodge your complaint with the FOS. You can download the form from there web site. You shouldn't
  8. I don't know how effective this is but if you have online banking you can set up a one off payment to the council or go into your bank and try and get them to set it up. That way the money gets credited to your Council Tax account and the council can't decline acceptance of it. You will need your council tax account number and the bank account number and sort code of the council account. This maybe found on the forms they provide with payment details or available on the council web site, or someone on here may know if they are from your area. But if this is a court appointed baliff and th
  9. SRJ Debt Recovery This is all that "Trace Confirmation" means. SRJ offer a service to trace people who may have mean moved since their clients last had contact with them.
  10. I had a dispute with LA Fitness. Basicly they sent me a letter increasing my membership cost with two options and 20 days to decide. Neither option allowed me to cancel my membership, it was past the original 12 months contract. I wrote to them giving them 20 days to come up with a better offer or I would cancel my membership they never answered so I cancelled. I get two letters from them telling me I owe a month plus a late payment fee, which I replied to but that was ignored. Then get letters from ARC, which I ignored, then got letter from Trevor Munn about 10 days or I would be taken t
  11. This maybe to late to point this out but might help others. I don't think your assumption above is correct. I think you are assuming that the £100,000 limit that the FOS has, applies to your claim. It doesn't, it applies to the amount of compensation that they can award. I am assuming the amount you mention above refers to the total amount of monthly payments that Unum would have to pay out until you retired if you were unable to work again. If you complain to the FOS and win then the FOS would simply instruct Unum to pay out on the claim on a monthly basis and this would have nothing to
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