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  1. dont know if its already been mentioned but part of 'the one show' about acs law last night. you can see it on bbci player. interesting..
  2. it seems so. and apparently 80% of 'defendants' opted to pay up. yeah sure they did mr crossley. dont know if its been mentioned yet but does anybody know anything about this case: Unsecured wireless network liability
  3. yes ray i see your point. ive only lived here 2 yrs so well after the reasonable timeframe for construction defects i suppose. i still havent heard off the management company so next step is to try my contents insurers. thanks for the advice..
  4. yes it should have been picked up on completion which is why i think ill be going round in circles trying to get somebody to accept responsibility. would it be the builders, management company or contents insurance as its actually inside the property?. the tiles on the outside seem to be undamaged its just that small strip of lining on the inside of the loft roof that im pretty sure wasnt installed.
  5. thanks for the responses, ill give those links a look now. i forgot to say it looks as though the missing piece was never in place when the block of flats was built as theres no debris or ripped parts.
  6. Hi. Firstly id like to say im unsure which group this thread should be in so i posted here. I live on the top floor of a 3 storey block of flats and therefore have loft access. It rained heavily last week and water has leaked from the outside roof into the loft and has leaked through the loft floor. I now have a stain on my living room ceiling and a puddle on my living room carpet. I have inspected the loft and it looks as though a small piece of insulation or waterproofing was not been fitted to the inside of the roof when this place was built (5 yrs ago) - this is where the rain is get
  7. i just had a look at ole terence on **EDITED** it seems that in april he was searching 'for law firm accounting software with project costing integrated'. id have thought he'd just use the software left over from the davenport lyons thing. so who found who? did he find acs or did they find him?
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