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  1. Still hoping for some help with the Experian carry on. Payments being taken now. Any advice out there?
  2. Well, I was told it would be taken off on the second of September and so far they haven't taken ANY payment although the direct debits are in place. PLEASE can anyone give me any idea what they are up to:confused:
  3. Well, have finally had financial statement from CAB formally accepted by these people and two direct debits arranged starting on the 2nd Sept, one for electricity and one for gas. It's been a complete nightmare and we have done everything by the book, according to what the Scottish Power website says for people having difficulty. What is really annoying me now, and I mean REALLY, is that when I phoned these people this morning to make the arrangment for the direct debits, they wanted a minimum payment of about £250 per account, and haver informed me that because I can't pay that, that I
  4. Only been with Npower for a month, so early days. Quite frankly they all seem to be bad as each other these days! Going to make sure though that they know that I am a vulnerable customer. I have quite a few medications that need to be kept refrigerated and a stairlift which these days is an absolute essential! All good fun...
  5. thank you mattlamb. CAB told Scottish Power that it would be about a fortnight so they knew nothing would happen immediately. Going to go back and see them on Tuesday though just to see how they are getting on. Got a letter this morning from some collection agency that have now added on just over £100 to the debt for each account. Threatening must get in touch straight away etc etc. Not sent recorded or anything like that just in the post this morning. My hubby wanted to phone them but I said to just reply in writing. Am I right in this? I'm not really worried about this but I a
  6. Signed - just had my renewal through "indefinitely" thought I could stop worrying
  7. Got a call today from a number which I have identified as belonging to the Lowell Group. Asked to speak to someone who does not and never has lived here. This person is one of my children who last lived with us two house moves ago. Am I under any obligation to tell them this should they phone again or to give them a forwarding address? My natural impulse is just to say not here and hang up. And what do I do if they keep on with this? Just looking on the black side Thank you.
  8. Hi, new here so forgive any errors in etiquette please. We moved house in September last year and continued to get our electricity and gas from Scottish Power. We paid £96 by direct debit to cover both. In November they said they wanted to put it up to £128. Bit of a rise but fair enough. The direct debit was set up and first payment was supposed to be taken in Dec 2008. They never took from this direct debit and kept taking from the old one. End of April we had a letter saying that our monthly payment had been revised to £256 (approx) per month. Then two days later we had on
  9. Mine's not even listed on the front page - had to go through a couple of other conditions that I have to find it!
  10. As I understand it the short answer is no. Unless you get mobility before 65 you've had it. I believe the reasoning is that anyone over that age is supposed to have trouble getting about anyway, which of course is stupid, but that's nothing new.
  11. I really feel for you. I have a son with very severe autism. He's 35 now. sadly his problems were so severe when he was young, that he had to go into long term fostering. Additionally at the time I had two other very young children, was a single parent, with an ex husband who gave up work so he would not have to give the children any money, oh and I was in such a state I was seeing a psychiatrist every week for three years. I know how difficult life can be with such a child, especially when they look so normal until they behave differently. I am severely disabled myself no
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