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  1. thanks pinky69 - apparently 'my account' is on hold for 35 days! i'm going to report them as i can't see how they could possibly sell 35,000 debt accounts twice, at least i know i've paid but it still worries me slightly
  2. I had a credit card debt with hsbc it was paid in full to the solicitors acting on their behalf in february - i am still being chased by another debt collection agency and have been told by the original solicitors that 35,000 accounts had been sold twice by hsbc - has this happened to anyone else? I have sent proof of payment from the court and the account is on hold! I have been threatened, laughed at and called a liar by members of staff from Fredrickson International Limited! I wonder has this happened to anyone else? they have told me that I will have to pay - I already have!
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