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  1. Hey Everyone, Just to update everyone, I received the SAR and there was an amount outstanding approx £800 including termination fees. I successfully negotiated the full and final payment to approx £400 and paid in full to bring the matter to an end. Thanks for everyone's help.
  2. Hey Everyone, Just an update and your thoughts. I have today received yet another letter, this time from Flint Bishop Solicitors, who are stating the debt has now increased to £2072.41, which is interest. This letter has come addressed solely in the business name and not my name. They state pay within 7 days or they may issue court proceedings, which is what i thought AJJB Law was doing? I have sent the SAR and they have advised I will receive the information no later than 21.01.2022. I have also sent an email to raise a complaint with Unicom directly and they have responded asking for more info to locate the account which i have since responded too.
  3. I've sent it off to their data commissioners address. Lets see what they come back with? And if i haven't already said it i really appreciate the guidance. Thank You.
  4. Hey guys, I'm in the process of sending an email to request the SAR. Do I state that i have received a letter before claim from AJJB and dispute the debt. or just keep it short and sweet. i am sending the statement below, is it ok, have i missed anything? Hello, Today’s date: 21/12/2021 I would like to make a subject access request. Name xxxxx xxxxxxx. Relating to business xxxxx, registered at address xx xxxxxxx Road, xxxx, xxx xxx. I was the leaseholder from 01.08.17 to 01.11.17 I have received a letter before claim from AJJB Law for a balance of £1490.71 stating I owe Unicom. I dispute the debt and need to understand how this balance accumulated; therefore, I need a copy of the written contract for the debt; A full statement of account, including details of all interest and charges included on the outstanding balance of the debt, explaining how they have been calculated, and any payments already made toward the debt. Regards xxxxxx
  5. Sorry what is a SAR? I'll send Unicom an email tonight. To keep everything in written form. No the letter of claim says: "This debt relates to a contractual arrangement between you and our client, details of which can be requested by completing the enclosed forms." They name their client as Unicom but no reference number is provided for Unicom. Nor any indication of what the debt is specifically. Exactly, how am I to defend something when they aren't telling me what it is!!
  6. I was the leaseholder and owner of a takeaway. The lease started 01.08.17, I contacted the existing utility company called Unicom to let them know I was the owner and traded for approx 3 months before selling the lease it was transfered on the 01.11.17. I contacted the utility company to advise them I had sold the lease and paid the balance. I'll have to contact my former bank for the statements to evidence this. Last year I started receiving letters from DCA. I'll be honest I ignored them until I got this letter before claim. The debt will be a utility bill I think it's gas and electric. Last payment will have been to clear my balance after sale. Unicom are the utility company and the debt is now with AJJB Law. Debt is approx £1400.
  7. They are called AJJB Law. I would love to believe I could just ignore them now as I have fulfilled my obligations. I want to dispute the debt but I need some evidence that I genuinely owe them the money. I do feel like it's an easy cop out for them to say we haven't received anything or that it's not satisfactory and then fail when passing the DPA...all too convenient. But these solicitors and DCA are ruthless and I'm afraid if it gets to court they will say you made no effort to resolve the issue. Thanks for responding btw it really is appreciated.
  8. Hi, I'm looking for some advice and next steps. I have received a letter before claim for a debt relating to business i was owned in 2017. The lease was mine from 01.08.17 to 01.11.17 when it was transferred as i sold it. As far as i am concerned i notified all creditors and paid all debts up to date before sale, however the utility company are chasing me. I responded to the letter of claim, by ticking box D (i dispute the debt) and box I to state i need a copy of the contract and full statement account, so i can determine if i am liable. I posted this signed delivery. Royal Mail confirms it has been signed for and delivered on 10.12.21. I also have a scanned copy of it. i have since received a letter stating "our records show that we haven't received a satisfactory response to the letter before claim issued by us or other correspondence". They are not saying they haven't received it nor are they are saying why it is not satisfactory. Instead they just try and scare me with CCJ on your file, extra costs etc etc. I have rang them and they won't speak to me as i did not pass DPA. the date of birth they have does not match mine, but i can only give my correct date of birth. They suggested i guess which is ridiculous. I don't know what to do now, they gave me no solution or guidance on how to fix it. What should i do next? Any help would be much appreciated.
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