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  1. Thanks all - have done the letter to the garage - as expected no reply as yet - but will give them the 7 days. Will then try the credit card company- will this be a battle to get the money out of them? Thanks all - you have turned a pretty crap week last week into something much more poitive!
  2. After looking at this forum - you guys seem to know your stuff and I have already used some of your advice from other posts but could do with some more - please! My boyfriend brought a car yesterday from a dealer - not anything amazing just a £1000 vauxhall astra! All was fine - and the advert stated sold as seen (I have now since learnt that this is illegal and means nothing! - I hope I am right). He got 25 miles down the road and smoke started to bellow from the bonnett and the car came to a stop - he immediatley rang the dealer and got told it was no longer there problem (my boyf then had to pay £60 to get towed off the side of the motorway!) In addition to this my boyf found out while driving the car the speedometer was faulty thus affecting the mileage reading and miles per hour. Am I right in thinking this is covered by the sales of goods act - we have written to the dealer stating this and also stating we want a full refund - can you advise were we stand with this. Does the dealer have to return the money in full - any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks jo
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