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  1. I've just recived one of them letters out of the blue for 55.50, shop direct, Argos Additions, Credit account Management, Phoenix Recoveries acting on behalf of SDFS Recoveries. Never had account with Argos and never recived previous correspondence. Tryed to phone this recovery agents no responce, so i've sent an email: client.services@eos-solutions.uk.com,IT@EOS-solutions.uk.com. Now i'll wait I suppose?
  2. OH yeh ....i'm glad you reminded me:rolleyes: Ok I'll wait befor closing account.
  3. Hi Legal pickle, Another email: PayPal has made a transfer between the balances in your account for the following reason: Our policy of converting positive to negative balances. The following transfers were made: Negative balance : -593.95 EUR Covered From : 519.38 GBP (1 British Pound = 1.14357 Euros) Checked paypal account negative bal gone ... Thats it now closing Paypal account forever Thank you for all you advice. You have been a great help x
  4. Shall do ,Thank you And i'll be watching my paypal account in the next 72hours...:-|
  5. Hi there Legalpickle, Good news.. But it was sent by email : Thank you for contacting us in relation to the above. This transaction was not covered by PayPal’s Seller Protection as this programme does not apply to items that have been delivered or picked up in person. As a goodwill gesture, we will credit your PayPal account to resolve your negative balance within 72 hours.
  6. Yes it was e-mail ...OK I shall do, ;)Thank you Legalpickle
  7. I'm Off to the PO now ... Thank you:) Reply from paypal On behalf of PayPal’s Executive Escalations department, I can acknowledge receipt of your letter dated the 3rd August 2009. Your complaint has been assigned to one of our Executive Escalations Senior Agents, who will investigate your enquiry and issue a full and detailed response as soon as possible. Please note all correspondence is dealt with in the order it is received. In accordance with agreed guidelines, PayPal has 4 weeks to reply. This timeframe may be extended to 8 weeks to accommodate our i
  8. I suggest you send that letter ASAP by Royal Mail Special Delivery, as the 8 weeks only start ticking when they receive it by special delivery, which will be the next working day. 8 weeks is a long time to wait, and it takes longer than that, because you then have to lodge the complaint with the FOS, so the quicker you act, the quicker this hell will be over. I'm Off to the PO now ... Thank you:)
  9. Was my property the buyer apparently scrapped it 19th March!!
  10. Thank you very much, I will be getting on with my formal complaint as soon as I've finished checking out this forum: aboutpaypal.org/paypal_fraud I will inform you on progress when and as.....
  11. This definitely seems the case by what I've been reading. It's a real eye opener.....
  12. I'm not one of those people that put up and shut up... If I'm in the right. There is a loop hole for everythng and i will find it how ever long it takes me. I'm not about to pay any funds back I'm not the criminal...
  13. Yes alarm bells did ring when the buyer collected, all he was eager in was driving the vehicle away, there was nothing i could do about it as i'd already excepted payment and transfered it. I had a phone call from buyer to say his brother was collecting as he lives Local. All identification added up.:-|
  14. please find draft below: On the 29th January 2009 I sold my vehicle on Ebay transaction no:xxxxxxxxxxxxxfor the sum of 482. 80 GBP after deductions. Unfortunately the buyer did not contact me prior to the transfer of his funds to my Paypal account. Obviously I was not expecting anyone to pay for the vehicle until they had seen it, I was expecting cash on sale but this was not the case unfortunately for me. The buyer collected the vehicle on the 31st January 2009. The registration documents were signed by the buyer and I forward to DVLA. User agreement states buyer protection '
  15. Thank you legalpickle have forwarded you a draft..... look forward to youre responce.
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