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  1. Been following this with interest. I really have'nt got much to add except, do we think the council will offer some compensation but insist there is a confidentiality clause attached. I mean they wouldnt want this blatant illegality to come out any more than it already has, would they? By the way,you are my heroine.
  2. I would be inclined to carry on paying the council direct via their online facility. Cut the bailiff out of the loop completley. Write to the Bailiff company and ask for a breakdown of their fees [you'll find the template letter in many of the threads] I'll guarantee you have been overcharged.If they do turn up at any point do not open the door to them and try and record everything they say. People with more practical advice will be along in a minute. Good luck.
  3. Debt Collectors have no right to come to your house whatsoever without you making an appointment with them, which I hope you have no intention of doing. Report them to trading Standards.
  4. Do not let them in. Try and record everything they say. They may say they will get locksmiths.they cant without a court order. You are under no obligation to speak them. If it has'nt gone to court you could try phone the original lender and sort out a payment plan that you can afford. More experienced Caggers will be along shortly to offer more advice. Take care.
  5. I'm no expert but, how can they have a levy fee and an attendance to remove fee from an address the OP was not living at? Surely this cant be right.
  6. In court on wednesday still no reply. What a suprise. I'm gonna demand to see the magistates and not be fobbed off by some council official with a high opinion of himself.
  7. Hi guys. Got home from work this evening to find the council have issued a summons for non payment of council tax, but the fact is is I pay it every month without fail as soon as I get paid [paid £100 on saturday} and I tend to pay a couple of quid over the odds. Now I do understand that if its not paid on the first of the month they can demand full payment but this has seriously annoyed me. so aia hsve composed a letter to send to them, I would be grateful for any comments. Dear Sir, With regard to the summons I recieved this morning 10/10/11 I respectfully request the answe
  8. 'Authorised Collector'. Authorised by whom? Until they come up with something more tangible I would tell them to take a hike. Remember they have NO rights.
  9. Thanks again Shadow going to have a good read and decipher,
  10. Thank you Shadow for taking the time. This looks like what I'm looking for, bit gobbldeygook in my head at the mo must read it slowly and digest every word. Thanks again everybody.
  11. Thank you so much for your trouble, Sequinci but i cant find the specific piece I want. Can you help me further. Thanks
  12. Sorry but do you have link where I can get this information. Thanks
  13. Can someone help me? Is it true that if a creditor goes after a ccj without informing other owners of the property then the ccj is invalid. I'm sure I've seen it somewhere but I cant find it. Any advice at all would be helpful.
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