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  1. Hi Bob, I've sent you a private message with some advice Thanks
  2. result! she got the money back in full. They said that whilst they do not believe their charges to be high (a lie been as they have reduced them since by almost half) that in this case the penalty was not comparable to the overdrawn balance. Thanks very much indeed everyone!
  3. don't know from sky's point of view. But from a bank's point of view, you can cancel the DD so at least you will stop paying it. Then you could sort it out with Sky afterwards. I would suggest you ask sky to prove that your ex has permission to use your bank account and why the sky account and bank account are in different names?
  4. Ok, first letter sent. Will keep you updated. Thanks for the help so far
  5. They gave me even more! What a result, thanks to everyone who helped, so grateful.
  6. maybe this is getting into harrasment territory? I did read a good paragraph to say if they phone again regarding who they are and who they wish to speak to, not being you etc. If someone can post it i think it's good to say.
  7. But is it likely that they will budge and agree to a little more? And is there a possibility of free channels or something like that or am I guessing incorrectly? Thanks very much again
  8. Ok, got a response and had a phone call. They have refunded the £20 I had to spend on the broadband and downgraded the package down to broadband base which will be free of charge as per normal. I have also been given £17.50 goodwill as a start. Should I just take this or should reasonably ask for more? In effect the refund of 20 is only what I spent anyway, so I've wasted 50-60 on phone calls, and countless hours in time, just to get what I originally asked for so I'm still out of pocket really. Should I ask for more compensation? Or are there any offers of free channels etc I could ask for at the moment? Or is this as good as it'll get so just take their first offer and run!? Many many thanks for all the help so far.
  9. Thanks for the advice, let's just hope it holds and. Can't see the justification for paying a fee, surely that's what the insurance should be there to prevent? Can it be argued? Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, My Nokia 6220 phone fell into water last night and understandably switched itself off. It would then switch on but the buttons wouldn't work. Today it works fine (so far) but I'm thinking if it breaks then I will just request a new one from Orange care which I pay £6 a month for. Would I be able to get a replacement been as it was my 'fault'? Also is there a way to avoid the £15 'administration charge' they issue for a claim? Thanks very much for any help and advice
  11. Right, she has sort of written it up again. Who should she send it to and are there any answers to the other questions above? Thanks very much indeed
  12. Also tenants are paying the service charge, have you ever heard of a landlord who wouldn't factor all his outgoing costs on a property into the rent he wished to receive for it? I hate management agents, and I know some people love them, and I know some people don't have a choice, but I would never buy a flat in these blocks for the various dealings i have had with agents.
  13. Thanks I'll pass the information on. As she has written before to no avail, what is the best place and person to write to? And are there any tips on wording it? Do you 'threaten' to go to the ombudsman, or straight up request that it go to the ombudsman? Many thanks
  14. Hello, I hope this is the right forum (apologies if it has to be moved). I am posting on behalf of a friend and below is basically what happened - "On the 21st of May a £56 direct debit left my joint account which meant that I had -29p in my account. I did not check my account until 2 days afterwards and as soon as I realised I was -29p I transferred money from one of my other 2 accounts I hold with natwest that were both in credit. I then phoned Natwest and explained what happened and this was the first time anything like this had ever happened with my joint account and that I was sorry and they explained there was nothing they could do and I would be charged £28 on the 12th June for just -29p. I also put a complaint in at a branch and received a letter explaining the charges must stand." I would be extremely grateful if you could advise me on what to tell her. It really does seem unfair to charge a ten thousand percent increase on the overdrawn balance! Many thanks in advance for any help
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