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  1. Hi All I had sent a SAR to Ulster Bank (Natwest)at their Insolvency and Client support centre at Southend-on-sea for 2 acounts on the 3/9/09. To date I have only received some statements for one of the accounts,the 40 days is now up. AIC had been dealing with these accounts but today I received 2 letters from RMA (Risk Management Alternatives) Preston. So I phoned the Insolvency centre at Southend,told the girl I was recording this call and asked why these accounts had been passed to another DCA,as both accounts were in dispute. She stated she didnt know both accounts were in dispute,but
  2. Hi All Well spoke to Natwest this morning they dont THINK! they can get the copies of the agreements within the SAR 40 day limit also they could only send me copies of statements for the last 6 years, (the 2 accounts went into default over 8 yrs ago,I had been making payments for the last 6 yrs to bring the balance down) so I have no record of charges I was hit with at the start, infact they only sent me copies for one of the accounts , nothing for the second account, The reason I had to phone them is that they had sent me a letter stating they couldn,t send me the credit agreements as
  3. Hi All Had exactly the same reply from AIC for 2 accounts they are dealing with for Natwest , You will find when you send them the second letter they will send it back to you aswell along with your £1. I then sent them the Account in Dispute letter ,they sent it back too, I am at the moment intouch with the FOs office making an offical complaint against AIC, In the end I sent a SAR to Natwest along with the £10 I also put a letter in with it complaining to Natwest about AIC and telling them I would not deal with AIC again due to their Harassing ways and their unprofessional approach to th
  4. Hi All Thanks "42 MAN" they still have another 16 days so will wait and see Thanks for your reply Torexxx
  5. Hi All I have put this in as a new threat as I am looking for details regarding the SAR request and not AIC which my other threats refer to. I had 2 credit card accounts with Natwest both of which went into default about 8 years ago I had been paying them of through AIC but when I finally got fedup with AICs bullying I sent them a CCA and Dispute letter after the 14 days I also sent a SAR request to Natwest along with copies of all the letters I sent AIC (CCA and Dispute letters for both accounts) I got in the post today for Natwest in an unsealed envelope statements going back 6 ye
  6. Hi All Think its the best way to go,I e.mailled the Financial Ombudsmans Service, got an e.mail back today from the FOS office with a complaint form to fill in and send it back to them,phoned AIC the other day and really enjoyed my spar with them,I must admit before i came to CAG I dreaded them phoning,only good thing is now if I want a bit of fun I phone them,BUT they have tried to phone me 4 times in last 2 days but my Truecall is set to Zap them which it has done on all 4 occasions, wish I could see their little faces when a machine basically tells them to P*** OFF I have now sent a SA
  7. Hi All 2 phone calls today from AIC, Truecall got them. I did phone them back and had a nice arguement with one of their support staff,infact our little exchange went so well he said he would put me through to his manager. But after a minute or so He didnt want to talk to me, I stated I had sent them the CCA and Dispute letter he said it didnt matter as they were not the OD, So I just said "From now on all contact in writing bye bye" I have also sent of the phone harrasment letter today, and added them to my truecall Zap list. I did send the OD (natwest) a SAR which was delivered on
  8. Hi All In the process of complaining about AIC regarding non issue of CCA requests and return of Account in Dispute letters stating they were only acting as collectors for the OD company Torexxx
  9. Hi All Could I have your views on the 2 pages sent by Cabot, They dont look to bad but then I am not an expert. If unenforceable can you say why Thanks Torexxx
  10. Hi all Maybe someone else could comment on this, In this letter below which Cabot sent to you they state They are "obligated under the original credit agreement" to pass your details to the CRAs, If they dont have a copy of the original agreement , only an application form. How can they state this. . I am waiting for CCA requests from Cabot myself and following your saga with interest Torexxx
  11. Hi All Thanks, " Birchave0" for the very informative reply it answered every question I had, I hope it also answers some other peoples aswell. I think I will SAR Halifax, for my wife and if I can find out who now runs the old Associates Credit card company I think I will SAR them too about an account of mine that was sold on to Cabot. I believe they are no longer, and some other bank now owns what was the Associates company, If any one has an address for them please post it on here Thanks Torexxx
  12. Sorry if I appear stupid in this field, But I am, Could someone please tell me what is" unfair" charges on Bank accounts, and credit card accounts with a bank, Also is there a time limit that these charges can be clawed back from the banks. I also noticed on an old credit card statement my wife had with Halifax from the 1990s to when it was defaulted and sold to a DCA in 2006 It was then paid off in 2007 but because they accepted 2 thirds of the money it was logged on her credit file as " partly satisfied" The old credit card statement dated 22 sept 2001 shows she was being charged for Card
  13. Hi All Well, AIC have sent me exactly the same letter back again! ,(saying to contact OD direct) along with the letter I sent them as stated above But I have just noticed,only thing is this time they kept the £1 postal order,maybe they needed some money for the Tea fund. But I think I will sit back now and see what happens,I cancelled the direct debits I was paying to them ,so maybe when no money comes in on the 4th of the month they will get back to me, Hope they dont phone,as my Truecall will "zap" them. Well we will wait and see Torexxx
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