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  1. Thanks Andy the link is BCA. However at no time was I given a copy of terms and conditions therefore surely in law I can not be bound to them if I was not made aware of them.
  2. I was sent some books on an introductory offer, I paid the postage as requested. Then a week later I had to go to Germany to work, so wrote to this book club to tell them I wanted to cancell this membership and sent them back the books as I would not be here to receive any from them. They refused to cancell the membership stating that I was obliged to purchase at least four books in the year of my membership or pay them £40.00 if I did not purchase these books. I have recently returned after four months working away only to find they sent more books to my address, I promptly returned these at their cost and now they are threatening me with legal action. Can anyone please help because these peaple are starting to realy annoy me.
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