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  1. Quick update. Now have full payment from Marstons, so it's now all settled. Thanks for all the help on this thread - you've been great!! The debtor ended up paying £800 more than the original judgement purely as he refused to pay for over a year! - I even offered a vastly reduced amount earlier this year which he ignored so he brought this on himself as far as I see.....
  2. I spoke with Marstons today. The defendant has fully paid up and they are waiting on the clearence of the second and final payment (via credit card). I was then told i need to wait 21 days before they will pay me due to the insolvancy act??? Very close now!!
  3. The payment was almost a fortnight ago so there's still time here. The debtor is focused on things which are not really relevant or would affect the outcome of the CCJ etc so I'm not concerned about this. I think I will however start making more of a noise to wind this up. Thanks for your interest!
  4. Mixed news really. I've been told they have got back about 60% of whats owed. I have also have a conversation with the guy and he's wanting to take it all back to court, so we'll see what happens..!! I've not personally got anything back yet.
  5. I've just spoke with them, and they don't tend to offer online access unless it's a complicated case or for solicitors. Anyway had long chat with Marstons and he's offered to pay £500 per month (which he is late already). He has paid a smaller sum previously, but I don't think he'll pay any more voluntarily if past performance is anything to go by. I should have more news by next week!
  6. Excellent. I had a thought I might be running out of time, but that sounds much better....!
  7. Just an update. I have spoken to Marstons and they have started receiving payments which is a positive move. As the CCJ was awarded in July last year do I understand correctly this lasts one year?? - if so what happens if he has not fully repaid the amount by July this year - do they stop or can they continue after him??? Marstons have not really been very informative about what is happening - had to chase them all the way so far.... thanks all!!
  8. Marstons called the other day but he was out. In the letter to me they say they have left a letter for him. No idea really what's in their letter or what the next step would normally be - anyone know the likely course of events??? ta rob
  9. Certainly. I have read lots of posts and do have sympathy with the situations people find themselves in. I don't mean to sound uncaring at all and my posts relate to my situation only... Just thought it would be an idea to post from the perspective of someone who is 'on the other side' of this and equally frustrated!
  10. It's a dodgy garage, so I have no scrupples about this as they ripped me off. I would never do this if the action was not justified.
  11. This is very very selfish I know, but it moves the problem, and resolves it for me. My debtor can pay but chooses not to, so I have no quibbles about this at all...
  12. Speaking from the other side for a moment...... I don't really care where the money comes from just as long as it is paid. Two sides to every story etc!
  13. I'm pretty sure he will. Hopefully he'll see I'm not being vindictive, just frustrated by his lack of action......
  14. Thanks for the replies. What sort of costs does he incur obtaining these? With either of these, does it go back to court to decide if he is successful or not? thanks
  15. Right, Marsdons have been appointed. As this fellow uses every tactic in the book to delay things, what should I expect once this gets underway - I'd imagine theres some form of delay he can cause so just really looking to what sort of delays he can throw in and if there is anything I can do to minimize these..? thanks chaps! rob
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