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  1. Thanks Lillun thanks for your reply and as you said it will be fine to let me know what happens at your end,as you are in the same situation as me
  2. I did ask for help around august concerning a shortfall for £65.000 and wrote to the financial ombudsman for help and it took about 9 months to reply to me that there is nothing they can do about it as i am now waiting for the lenders to write to me i just felt i have to keep in touch with the forum in case any one have any more advise for me. Ellenn and Tawnyow have asked me to come back to the forum for what to do as soon as i hear from the lenders.please get in touch thanks
  3. I just read from a thread about some one asking about delays if the financial ombudsman services delays dealing with cases i have been through similar situation and have even posted a thread about it.it took more than 9 months to get to the adjudicator and at the end of the day i had a letter to inform me that there is nothing they can do about it therefore i have been handed over to the lenders and now waiting for their letter can any one also advise me whether to contact the FSA
  4. Thanks Tawnyowl i will relax as you said and will get you posted as soon as i hear from them
  5. i have not heard from Gmac yet but i am scared of the letter i am going to receive can some one help me
  6. thanks Ell-enn i will definately do that as soon as i receive a letter from Gmac i do appreciate your help but keep visiting my site and as soon as any thing happens please give me the advice needed thanks
  7. thank you tawnyowl you are great i am now waiting for the letter from gmac ans see what they come out with but do you think i need a solicitor at this moment
  8. can any one give me more advice for mortgage shortfall thanks
  9. Thanks Tawnyowl for your help the property that i live in now is the old one i have and yhe new one i bought was the one which was repossessed and i have also contacted all those debt advicers but i could not get much help even the Cab
  10. i bought a flat three years ago and Gmac repossed it and came out with a mortgage shortfall of £65,000 i have a present property which has got negative equity.at the moment i am stuck on interest only payment.i contacted an advise company called IBAS and i rather feel they were on the side of the lenders due to the sort of advise i got from them so i wrote to the financial ombudsman for help and it took about a whole year from them to access my case.they have recently written to me that they can not uphold my complain because they feel the lenders went through the right channel to repossess t
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