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  1. Hi All, Has anyone notice all is quite on the DCA front? I've got 6 accounts on-going at the mo (all CCA'd since august) and heard nothing from them in the past few weeks??..i usually get at least 4 letters a week from my mates. Have the all gone away together on holiday? on and by the way, hope you all had a merry xmas and a happy new year to you all!! 'Eggy
  2. Hi there! Received letters from moorcroft start of august, so I CCA's them. Heard nothin back from them until a leter from APEX for the same debt. This was back mid november. So i sent them the "bemused" letter straight away...they have not replied but are sending weekly threat letters of taking me to court, blah blah. Is their anything I can do to stop the letters (they are starting to annoy me slightly)...or should I just ignore them?. Cheers all!!
  3. hi there, the case has been "struck out without further order of the court"...the supervisor at the court said BC is no longer acting on behalf of the client. (BC has sent a letter to them to state this). No date has been set as it is now struck out. The supervisor has then said nothing else has been reiceved and to leave it this late will not go down with the judge (as they need to set a appointment with the judge to say why they didnt comply with the court order). So will the N244 be the way to go? as I want to close this. Tank ya
  4. Hi again - progress report! Well well. I've been onto the courts, basically annoying them :o) about this. They said they will not confirm in writing that the claim is struck out, as it will take them ages to do for each individual claim. Not sure where to go from here, do I send a letter to court and to my mate to confirm the claim is now discontinued?
  5. UPDATE Hi there, I have phoned the court and they have had no docs' from my mate Brian Carters. They did say they have received a letter from them saying they are no longer acting on behalf of the defendant. I'm unsure of what this means? Also, can I go after costs?? Thank you! Eggy
  6. Okay thank you! I'll keep checking & post back the progress...hopefully this thread will help others in the future Cheers & thanks again for your help - eggy
  7. hi there!, an update on this one. Its now one day after the deadline. I phoned the court for an update and my mate Brian has not filed anything complying with the CPR 16.4...the court said this will be struck out without further order. The supervisor at the court confirmed this, so this case is struck out??....does this mean i have won???, bit confused of what to do next?. TA! eggy
  8. back again!!, the court has stated all documents from the CPR must be received by the 19th...my CPR requested: Agreement - Default notice - termination notice and statements. good job i came on here...i was about to start paying him!!!
  9. ooo, my dads got it. I shall post later on when he returns from somerfields
  10. i'm 99% sure the court did....but i can't find the bloody letter
  11. hi there. yes, he has submitted his AQ also (with no info on it). I'm bit confused of what to do now, as he will have to comply to the draft order for directions...won't he?? shall i just sit and wait?
  12. no, i have not had a default notice or notice of assignment. Looking back through my paperwork, i did state this on my cpr and draft order for direction with my allocation quesdtionnaire....mmmmm
  13. Hi there!, Thought i'd start a new thread. Old thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/legal-issues/216291-mint-c-c-court.html Story so far, court papers received from my mate all defence sent, allocation questionnair sent. Judge then said B.C needs to submit all info by the 19/11/09. Few days later, CCA arrives and all statements received. CCA contains all key information, terms and is signed by me. B.C is now asking for full payment or an offer of £xx per months. I can not afford £xx...i can only afford half of this. What i'm asking, will
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