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  1. Hi All I have received a "NOTICE" from the above company that says I owe money to the Lewis Group. It says that I need to contact them urgently. Cause it may be necessary to issue court proceedings. And they have added interest, court fees and sols cost making the osb over £100.00 more - I dont understand how they can do this? I did get a letter from them a month ago without any details and sent the prove it letter, the last loan i had from the Lewis Group which I understand is welcome was in 2004. Should i now send the CCA letter? What do you think?
  2. So do you think Welcome are using them or have Welcome sold me to them?
  3. Hi All I am getting a couple of calls a week from Mackenzie Hall, they have asked me to confirm my details and I have said no so they go away till the next call. This week they have rang me and I still wouldnt confirm details but they told me it was for welcome finance and did I know anything about it - I said no, I say no a lot when I talk to them. The keep writing to me and my hubby keeps sending them back not at this address. Dunno what to do really. Any ideas? I cant find any threads on here about any one else getting things from Mackenzie Hall for Welcome?
  4. Excellent, Amazon are proving to be a pleasure to deal with recently.
  5. Hello Just thought I would tell you something good about a company experience!!! I bought a Kindle in September and I purchased the case to go with it. All was wonderful with my new amazing Kindle until December when it kept crashing. I rang Amazon and they straight away said that it was because of the metal clips in the case that was making the Kindle crash. Amazon then refunded me for the case that i didnt have to send back and they also gave me a £20.00 credit to by a new cover. My favourite thing is working perfectly again and it was a very good experience with Amazon custom
  6. Good luck, one step at a time is all you can do
  7. I will go to dads at the weekend and get the agreement and i will post it up see what you think. We have accepted the offer that they have sent until Feb but after that we are still going to be in the same situation because when the payments go back up he wont be able to afford them
  8. Hi There is defo no insurance on it, they tried to sell it but parents refused. They arranged the finance themselves because they had had finance with the company before.
  9. Hi Yes we have the original agreement still.
  10. Hi We have received a letter from First Response saying that my dad can pay £15.00 per week instead of £51.00 per week until the end of Feb next year - that would be six months after the date of mum dying. it also says that after that if he cant afford the full amount it would be best for him to hand the car back and then arrange to pay the os balance.
  11. Dont be ashamed, its not the end of the world. As my old dad says giving up is like learning to ride a bike, sometimes you fall off - but one of these days it will come together for you. Get your NRT from the docs and well done for keeping on trying.
  12. Keep going your doing really really well, the first four/five days are really really hard. I did what your are doing and went cold turkey, felt like I was coming down with the flu and a tummy bug at the same time. I ate fresh fruit and veg to keep my insides working right and it made me feel better.
  13. The apr is really high I think. They took out the finance in december last year and its over 3 years so there is not a lot paid and its £220.00 per month. I dont think he will be able to get a personal loan, my mum was rubbish with money and we have had lots of dca 's writing chasing money ( only find out about all this since she died)
  14. They have not got the car back, there is no default on the payment yet - its all up to date. It will default soon cause he cant afford the payments, I suppose thats when they will want it back.
  15. That would be very kind of you Post, really kind
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