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  1. Thank You I will do everything by post from now on.
  2. Thanks Citizen B However I have just spoken to them again an they are refusing to Freeze interest so the debt is just getting bigger each month.
  3. Sorry No there is no PPI on the Account. Thanks
  4. Further to my previous posting I have now had a Formal Notice Of Intention from RBS that unless I pay the arrears on the Loan of £3115.72 by 12th June they will take the matter to court. I am not in a position to pay this amount and just wonder what I need to do now?
  5. Hi I have an RBS Loan and am about 3 years into it. Last year due to drowning in other debts I came to an arangement with RBS to pay just £30pm instead of the normal £326pm. I have made all my payments with no issues but now that 6 month period has ended I know I cant go back to £326pm as this would leave us with very little to live on. In that time interest has still been added to the loan account and I feel it is getting out of control. Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi My wife has a Mint Card and we also have a Joint RBS account. Now Over the last few months things have been a touch tight financially and we have just made the minimum payment to Mint. As the card was slightly over its Credit Limit they keep slapping £12 charges on. the question I am asking is can Mint Just take the Money from our RBS Account? And if so will/would it be the amount over limit or the whole balance (Currently £790ish)? Any assistance appreciated
  7. Hi I have recently been issued a default notice by Capital 1 with a Debt of £1270.64p. FPC have written to me after I sent them an offer of payment of £30 per month, and said. "Our client has reviewed the Account and has instructed us that the offer is inadequate in view of the size of the balance outstanding and the time it would take to pay back." I have made a genuine offer and they wont accept it. As I cant afford any more I dont know what will happen now or which way to turn with this. Any help greatly appreciiated. Cheers
  8. Thanks All For your responses. Plenty of Food For Thought. I have spoken To Payplan who have reccomended a Letter to Creditors with a nominal offer for a few months till things hopefully improve. So I will draft them this week and see where we go from there. Thanks Once Again
  9. Many Thanks Is there a template letter that I can edit and send to all my creditors?
  10. Hello I have been pondering if I should post for a while now so here goes. Myself and my wife are currently at our wits end over our Financial situation. My Current Job pays a basic salary plus Commission and over the last couple of years things have generally been Ok. However over the last few months the Commission side of my income has drastically reduced due to the current Industry climate. We have the following debts which are costing us around £690pcm Bank Loan-£13100 Overdraft-£3000 C/Cards-£6250 HP Agreement-£4000 Total is around £26500 This has now got to the situa
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