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  1. Hi, Please can I ask you to clarify what you mean by a clear financial link?
  2. Hello, May I kindly ask for your assistance relating to my Barclaycard. To give you a brief I applied for this card in March 2007 and I filled out and signed an application form but never received a credit agreement for my signature. I sent for a CCA about three months ago and they sent me a re constituted agreement which shows my name and address and prescribedf terms etc which I have disputed. They have also quoted Carey Vs HSBC and advised that they do not need to provide a signed copy and would continue to add on interest and charges....please refer to attached letter and reconstituted a
  3. Hi - Does this mean after 2008 the prescribed terms are not required? Thanks Gum
  4. Hi All, I have a loan with Black Horse and ran in to financial probelems and had an agreement with them for 6 months and recently renewed for a further six months. I wrote to them two weeks ago and requested copy of the loan agreement and they sent it to me last Wednesday. Please may I ask you check the loan agreement and advise whether it is enforceble? i;e prescribed terms etc.. A. Amount of Credit a) Shows on agreement B. Number of repayments : missing a) Amount of repayments : missing b) Frequesncy and timing of repayments: missing c) Dates of repayments : Stated (OK)
  5. Hi! I CCA'd RBS and they provided a copy of CCA within the time frame specified. However, what they provided is my original application form and not the correct dual signed credit card agreement with the prescribed terms. I checked on the forum and compared with previous case studies and what they have provided is a application form with a load of photocpied agreements. I wrote to them advising that what they had sent was just an application form and the account is now in dispute. RBS had mentioning that this was their final response and in their opinion the account is not in dispute
  6. Hello Everybody, Many thanks for all your help I wrote to Mint and asked for CCA. They wrote to me advising that they do not have a copy of CCA. Then I wrte to them with a letter from the consumer forum library advising account in dispute, now they have sent me the attached letter. I had an agreement with them in the past but now should I continue to pay the agreed amount or should I stop? I have attached their final letter to me. Please take a look and would appreciate your comments and advise. Once again thank you..Gum Mint.pdf
  7. Thank you Scott, sorry I got late to thank you for your support, just got back from a long trip
  8. Hello Everyone! I wrote to RBS with 1.00 pound postal order requesting a copy of my CCA for a credit card I have with them and allowed them 12 + 2 for their reply. They replied to me within the time frame and recievd a letter advising me. Thank you for your letter and the comments are noted. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a copy of CCA, as it is no longer available. I have been paying them all this time. Does anybody know of a leter I could send to them that the account is now in dispute because they do not have a copy of the CCA. Your help greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  9. Sent them three applications but they said they could not find them? The one that was scribbled they had found and approved!
  10. I checked my original records when I applied for the card and it appears that I had scribbled on application form in the signature box which in fact is not my real signature, just to test Capital One out and they still issued me with a card! Where do I stand legally? what they have sent me is the scribbled signature form I sent to them and does not contain my genuine signature. Any ideas or advise for me please?
  11. Hi - Capital one passed the debt to Fredrickson International Ltd and I requested a CCA on the 5th of August 2009 and they then passed the debt back to Capital One and they did not send me the CCA as the request for cca was not signed by me but I put my name on the letter. I wrote to Capital one on the 26th Oct 2009 and again a formal complaint on the 7th November where I signed the letter and they have now sent me the CCA today. Please advise whether this CCA is enforceable and also whether I have any other arguments with them for the delay in providing this information. Many Thanks..Gum
  12. Thanks and wish you good luck with your matter and I will look forward to reading your comments soon. Take care
  13. Thanks Teaboy2 we should keep in close contact and see how things develop for both of us... Good luck
  14. MBNA had written to me in July 2009 advising that they will be selling the debt to DLC/ Hillsden so MBNA has nothing to do with it I guess now.
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