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  1. Hi Sunflower MBNA have agreed to refund the PPI.... but to the credit card - I think not! I've also received a letter back saying that the application form constitutes an agreement, could this be possible. Again I have written back to them saying it's not a properly executed agreement just an application form with some photocopied T&C's stapled to the back. So I've told them unless they provide me with a properly executed agreement I want the balance of £500 shown as settled an d my credit file marked as settled! Am i right i doing this Thanx Krackerjxx
  2. Hi there I am quite interested in the multiple agreements...... I have a secured loan with GE Money and have noted on my copy of the agreement the PPI and the loan is added together ie; Amount of Credit to be released to customer £24,500.00 Amount of Credit for Protected Payment Plan £3,941.25 Total amount of Credit £28441.25 Duration of Agreement 180 months The interest rate, monthly repayment amount etc is all on as well but am I right in believing the PPI should have been done seperately?
  3. Thanx for that sunflower - they must be in the wrong to offer me a refund without me having to kick off but i'm thinking it must be more than that! Think a Subject Access Request would be a good idea. I'll let you know the outcome.
  4. MBNA (Virgin) rang me today about the PPI, she tried to say that I would of agreed to the PPI when I activated the card! I disagreed, she put me on hold for a few minutes then come back to say "to reslove this mater they'll refund me £408 plus £15 interest - i didn't know what to say so made an excuse about cooking tea and she's ringing back tomorrow. She is also supposed to be looking into what's happend to my CCA request and why I only received an application form. What should I do when she rings back tomorrow????
  5. Thanx sunflower, don't think I mentioned that I hadn't ticked any PPI box yet they've been charging my account - so I mentioned this in my return letter and they've replied saying the PPI is being investigted - but nothing about the application form. Should I wait and c what they say about the PPI before pushing the application form? Thanks
  6. Hi ida Thanx for moving me i don't know how to use this site properly. I've just posted a CCA request today to see what they send back but in the mean time I've found one I've had filed away myself and as I say it has no signature on it but not sure if it needs a signature does this only apply to agreements after 2007. Thanx again x
  7. Hi just after a bit of advice please. I have got a copy of my agreement with Mint and it does not have my signature on, does this mean it is unenforceable! I spoke to a guy at Triton (mint collection section) and he asked me if I deny ever using the card - I didn't know what to say except the agreement that I had, had no signature on it! What will I do now?
  8. Hi anyone, I'd like some advice if there's anybody out there to help me. I sent a request for a copy of my agreement under the CCA. I've received a copy of what looks like my application form - I have signed it at the bottom but it doesn't look like an agreement. Am i right in believing it should contain the credit limit, interest rate etc., as it doesn't. Does this mean they don't have one and if that's the case can this be unenforceable. Also I noticed no box was ticked on the PPI section - they've been charging me PPI on my monthly statements. What should i do regar
  9. Hi there I requestd the same from Virgin (MBNA) and received what looks like a copy of my application form with a copy of terms and conditions and a recent statement. The application form does have my signature on it at the bottom but to me looks like a request and declaration. I'm not sure what to do next but I think they haven't sent the agreement as such. What I've also noticed is the box is not ticked for PPI and they are clagging it on my monthly bill - naughty! If you find out what to do next let me know please - i will do the same for you Thanx Krackerjaxx
  10. Hi texanbar Thanx for replying - I had Barclaycard, Mint, Santander and G E Money. This all started in November 2008 so I'm about 7/8 months behind! I'm trying to see them through but I'm not very hopeful. Any help and advice would be much appreciated. Many Thanks Krackerjaxx
  11. Hi I'm new to these forums but am in desperate need of help. I stupidly allowed Claim Management UK to take 240 quid from me as they said I could have my debts wiped within 28 days. I was then contacted by Tate Lloyd Legal Services who informed me in writing to withhold payments as this could weaken my claim against my creditors. The whole process was taking months (Affadavits etc) only to find out Tate Lloyd were no longer trading. I went back to CM UK and all they could do was apologise and refund my 240 quid but offered to look into one of them which was a loan I had taken out before 2007.
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