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  1. Hi, I bought a laptop from Argos on the 5th Novermber 2009, and it has turned out to be faulty. tried to switch it on on sunday and the screen was just blank, power button was lit up but no picture or anything. Its dead. I tried to take it back to the Argos shop I bought it from today and expected to either get a replacement or a refund, but was told as it is a laptop, they have to send it away for testing to make sure it was a fault and not ME who damaged it or a virus or anything. They have told me to phone a number that deals with thier thechnical issues. Have not called them
  2. Hi everyone, though tid post an update of how things are going. recieved a hpone call from QuickQuid last night, but i wasnt home. emailed them today to ask to set up payment plan, my offer was £12 per month. I again asked that they not phone me at home or at work and that any future correspondance be in writting. email I recieved back: Dear XXXXXXXXX, Customer # XXXXXXXX Thank you for contacting us to inquire about how to pay off your balance. By signing your loan agreement, you agreed to the Terms and Conditions outlined in the 'Consent to Electronic Communicati
  3. Hi, sorry if im being a bit thick here but what is a 'crossed' postal order? Thanks
  4. I will send them another copy of my letter and SOA and wait for them to respond Thanks
  5. I did say to them i didnt want them havign my debit card details, in which they replied, they didnt keep a record of them and once its processed there on the phone then thats them gone.
  6. My monthly payment to them was £136 I offered them £91 per month (assuming they freeze interest and charges) they said they wouldnt be able to say if they can accept the amoutn until they speak to the bosses and that they would need to some sort of payment now by debit card in order to do that. I had a DD set up with them, but cancelled it I asked them to send me payign in book or account details, but they saud they dont do that Thanks
  7. Hi, spoke to Welcome and they were initialy wantign me to pay full amount i said as you can see from my SOA i cant afford to pay that. they then said they would take the amoutn i had made in my offer. so i said i would need an agreement in writing in place before i pay anything because that would simply be eaten up by the interest. they werent happy and wrangled on about taking me to court. not gettign money for nothing, could possibly lower the interest but not freeze it.etc. they said that they wouldnt pass the debt onto a DCA and that they would be the ones takign me to court
  8. Should I reply to the Uncle Buck email or just leave it for now? RE Welcome Finance, how likely are they to freeze interst and charges on my account if I ask them to, so i can keep paying them instead of it goign to DCA. how much worse is it to go to DCA than to keep paying original company? Thanks
  9. Thanks, they said they would need a payment today to be able to 'help' me what do you think I should do? Also just had reply from Uncle Buck saying they arent willing to accept my payment offer and that if i dont pay todya then it will be passed to collections team and charges etc added anyone have any text I can send to them RE charges being unlawful and account being in dispute etc? Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, Just wanted to say thanks again for all the information and quick replies yesterday. Logged into my internet banking today and none of the payments from any of the pay day loan companies had come off my account. QuickQuid was showing but it hadnt come off my balance, phoned bank to check and they said, it had been cancelled and that it would drop off my account and def wouldnt be paid to them. none of the debit card payments had come off, so cancelling my card seemed to have worked. Have now instructed bank to transfer full balance over to another account just
  11. I have read about the difficulty of cancelling these recurrign debit card payments. Is cancelling your debit card the only sure fire way to do it? Are these companies likely to have already set the payment in motion?, what i mean is do they apply fo rit on the day or would it be worth checkign with my bank to see if there are any pending transactions waiting to come off, that might not be stopped. sorry, might be being over paranoid here Thanks
  12. Thanks for your replies, realy appreciated. was worried, I would log on to my internet banking tomorrow morning to find they had taken the lot!!! will keep an eye out for them trying to set up new DDs, anything else I should be vigilant of? Or is it now a case of waiting for the phone calls and trying to sort out a payment plan with them? Thanks
  13. Thanks for your help. I did phone my bank to ask if these payments would still go through and they said, they might be 'forced' through on the old card number! anyone heard of this happening?
  14. Thanks for the fast responses! One final question: Am I right in thinking that as I have now cancelled my direct debits and cancelled my debit card that these companies will not be able to take any payment from my account? Thanks
  15. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have cancelled 2 direct debits that were on my account and put blocks on them, the only thing im worried about the other ones taking a debit card payment from my account. I have cancelled my card today (reported it lost) in a hope that this will stop any payments they try to take going through. will this incur any charges? Thanks again
  16. Hi, I have 4 payday loans outstanding. PayDay UK PayDay Express QuickQuid UncleBuck My question is if I cancel my debit card, will this stop these companies taking payment from me. and if so will I be hit by a charge from my bank for these being declined? Is there naything else I can do to stop these payments coming out Thanks
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