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  1. I have sent off account in dispute letters to Cabot Financial and Aktiv Kapital who have both written to me to say that they are trying to obtain the CCA from the original lender but are having difficulty. Both are out of time following the CCA letters being sent. Would appreciate advice on what I do next (if anything). Thanks!
  2. They have purchased them (Aktiv purchased from HSBC and Cabot purchased from Barclaycard) and they have confirmed this in correspondence. I will do the account in dispute letter tomorrow. Thank you!
  3. So should I still send the account in dispute letter even if they cannot take any action? Thank you
  4. I sent Cabot Financial and Aktiv Kapital CCA requests, and both wrote back saying that they did not hold the original CCA, but would try and get it from the original lender. Tomorrow is the deadline (the 12+2 days) and we have not heard anything further from either. Do I take it that now their time is up, there is nothing they can do?
  5. That is what I thought - thank you for confirming!
  6. Well I have had a response from Aktiv Kapital to my CCA letter, and they have said that although they purchased the right to recover the outstanding balance, they are not the original creditor and do not hold original documentation in this matter. They then say that they will contact the original creditor (HSBC) to get this, as they wish to provide the information that we require. They then say that they will try to do this within the prescribed time scales, but they may be unable to do so, and until then, our account is on hold and has been "removed from the collection process" whilst they await the requested information. The deadline for supplying this is 21st August which is when the 14 days is up. Am I correct in thinking that even though they have sent us this letter, if they still cannot provide the documentation by the 21st, that we do not have to do anything?
  7. Ah I see. I have not had any info from B'card, I think they sold the debt off ages ago from what I can make out.
  8. I just checked my bank account, and noticed that Aktiv Kapital appear to have cashed the £1 cheque that I sent with the CCA letter. Does this mean that they are able to produce the CCA? Or would they just cash cheques anyway?
  9. Oooh that is interesting, the account is pre-2007, so I am wondering if it is enforceable anyway. Will just wait and see what happens.....
  10. I didn't sign anything I sent them, but unfortunately (before joining this forum) I did speak to them on the phone and confirmed our address. This is because they wrote to us telling us to phone them, so we rang them up not really knowing what it was about. I told them to send us a letter with proof of the debt. Then I sent off the CCA letter after reading on this forum. Hope this hasn't done too much damage!
  11. I sent a CCA off last week in connection with a debt that Cabot Financial said that they have bought from Barclaycard. They wrote back a letter which we received yesterday saying that they do not have that information on file and that they have requested the relevant information from the original lender. They also said that they do not require the £1 fee that I sent, and they have sent my cheque back. Then they say that they will be able to provide the information within 12 days but if they cannot provide it within that timescale, they will write to us again. If they bought the debt from Barclaycard, would they not have a copy of the CCA? Or is that not how it works? Would appreciate any thoughts!
  12. A CCA letter is on its way to them today with a £1 cheque signed by myself, not my husband as I have read on here that these companies scan signatures!! Sorry, I am a bit new to this, what is PPI?
  13. I am trying to sort out some of my husband's debts at the moment and he had a loan with HSBC which is now being pursued by a company called Aktiv Kapital. They sent him a rather odd letter saying that he owed £6687.00 but they would accept £4680.91. This seems really odd to me. Why would they do themselves out of £2,000? Has anyone else had this experience?
  14. Ah yes, I did find out about that, unfortunately none of them are inside the six year window.
  15. Hello Everyone, I am new to all this, but we are being hounded by several credit companies like Aktiv Kapital and Cabot Financial about ancient debts that we aren't even sure if they are ours. I am sending of the CCA letter to all creditors as I have also been reading about the unenforceable consumer agreements made before April 2007 and am wondering if some of our debts fall under this category. A friend of mine who works for a finance company told me about this unenforceable credit agreement stuff, and said that his company would do it for £300 and he would send me the forms. You pay £100 upfront and if it turns out that the agreement is actually enforceable, they refund this to you. I have been reading here and there that people advise not to pay a company to do this when you can do it yourself. How difficult is it? Are there template letters for it? Where can I find a list of the order of what happens? Would appreciate any advice!
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