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  1. I was out at a party new years eve, so left my brother and his girlfriend at my house. Something went wrong with the central heating and with having a baby in the house it needed sorting asap. They rang the number off the gas meter thing and they put them through to some numbers in the area. Some bob the builder came out and fixed it and the demanded 20 quid. This is a council house and most of us are on low income. He was like you will get in reimbersed from the council ect. My main problem is he left the valve open so that my heating will either be on full 30C or off completly. I was f
  2. oh i dont need help, i dont intend paying it back, ill let it go to debt collectors, i already paying about 30 a fortnight for about 6 different debts.
  3. I was around 170pounds (sorry pound sign broken) overdrawn due to them charging me for going overdrawn previously and being overdrawn and so on. So two weeks before Christmas they rang me, went though finances ect and i said i was willing to pay half and that is it as i found it not fair. Then the helpfull lady said more charged were due to come out so they would give me a preliminary overdraft of 400! I was like ok, yea do that and i'll pay 40 each month. So the next working day i had an overdraft limit (now if they had given this to me when i first got the account i would never have go
  4. When will we receive them and do you know if the following qualify: Income Support Incompacitiy Benefit My brothers girlfriend has a 7month old, dont know what she gets Jobseekers Allowence?
  5. The Direct Gov website now has a list of all the postcode areas which will get cold weather payments. Here is the link (opens PDF)
  6. I know that CWP are issued automatically, but does anyone, or has anyone received them yet? Me and my family have spent a fourtune on gas over the past week (card meter) and electric key.
  7. I totally forgot about this thread. I've not heard back from them since August. This forum has helped me a lot, when i asked debt companies to see proof and make a request they simply stop trying which is good.
  8. I sign on a Thursday, and get my money the following Tuesday, which is three working days, but with it being a bank holiday Monday, will i get my money Wednesday?
  9. Ah thank you people, yes it was a Land Registry thing (gosh what a day its been!). Thankfully this is council rented. To paraphrase the call i had: Shaun : Hello LW : Security, and then blah blah, can you pay today Shaun : Well i've been unemployed for about two months LW : But you've made no attempt to pay before that Shaun : Well i've had other matters to deal with, surviving on very low income, being a student, health etc. LW : Well what can you pay today? Shaun : Nothing i dont get my JSA until next week LW : Well its not good enough blah blah Shaun : I don't have a ma
  10. EDIT: DANIELS SILVERMAN (sp error in title) Feels like im always complaining, but this time its SERIOUS In the summer of 2006 my mum got Stuart Darling, and got a TV to pay up which would eventually be hers. Late 2007, 2008 we got behind in payments but paid the best we could. We couldnt afford to pay etc and they them claimed we owed thousands. We can't find the original credit agreement, although i requested one and i got the HPA, detailing the following: Amount of Credit : £2350.25 Total Amount Payable : £3007.86 APR: 29.40% Commencing on 21/5/08 Description of
  11. I answered the phone today and Lowell was on the other end, damanding i pay, and saying that i have six other catalouge debts - which i think i do. When i said i would be unable to pay, and that i was on JSA, i got a bit tetchy saying i didnt have a magic wand. I then asked for the agreements, and he said he would send out statements and that if they did that i would have to pay it in full. I was like, well ive offered to set up an arrangement to suit my income needs when ive seen the total of debt i owe, and he was like no, it does not work like that. The he said he was going to do a credit
  12. I was accepted today for a payday loan, agreed to CHAPS. This was around 12.30pm, and i am just wondering how long it takes as i assumed it was instant?
  13. Sorry to butt in on this thread, but ive just applied for a payday loan, sent them my bank statement as requested today but have heard nothing back - do you have a phone number for them?
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