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  1. Yes but they refuse to send me proof of delivery.
  2. Yes i have sent all letters by recorded delivery and copied the solicitor, debt collecting company and the catalogue company into each letter aswell, but im getting knowhere!
  3. Hi, yes i did, but they are saying that i didnt, i have written about 10 letters explaining this, but they are still not listening.
  4. I am new to this site, but am seeking some advice if possible. I have had non delivery of goods from Studio Cards catalogue, and they are now persuing payment for these goods, they have referred me to a debt collecting company and now to a solicitor demanding payment. I have advised all the companies that i am not prepared to pay for goods which i havent received, but will happily pay for the goods which i have received, but they are still persuing payment for the full amount. Does anyone have any advice on this? Or has this happened to anyone else before? Any help will be gratefully appreciated. Thanks
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