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  1. I agree. Trading Post Appliances = Avoid at all costs.
  2. Trading Post Appliances are crooks in my opinion. See this link for more info: Nationwide Building Society Credit Card Services and Trading Post Appliances Ltd or enter "trading post appliances legal action" in Google and search.
  3. Thanks for that, I appreciate your comments. After thinking about it overnight and clarification from this website I think maybe Buzby could have some kind of connection with communications companies like Vodafone? He uses their logo after all. Or maybe the fact that he's in a rage is that he has a number of bad debts he doesn't want people to find out about? Who knows? Interesting though.. BT = Buzby does it not?. (If you are over a certain age.) Yip, Judge, Jury, and Excecutioner as well. Self appointed expert on everthing. I suspect that (apart from the next RANT in "C
  4. Reply to Jacktheband All parties, me, the judge, and Vodafone's solicitor, agreed that it was ridiculous, that after leaving Vodafone and starting the long laborious and stressful legal action, that during pre trial exchange of documents etc, that I should contact Vodafone to take up some £50 cash back offer on an account that didn't exist!! Re Buzby's coments: I will be contacting the owners of this website to clarify a number of poiints.
  5. Is this discussion about the website or Vodafone? I've told you the facts and confirmed them And said I understand that if I don't print the facts I could be in trouble but you don't believe it. It may also interest you to know that Vodafone were warned about legal action in many phone conversation. It was sugested that they listen to the phone conversations that would have proved without doubt who was telling the truth. They ignored my requests both before and after legal action was started to listen to those recordings. Or at least maybe they did listen but they didn't take me up on the offe
  6. You say it is so one siided it is a joke. It's no joke. Those are the facts. Sorry you are not able to see that. And I'm aware that if I don't print the facts I may be in trouble.
  7. Thanks for that. I'm really please but worry how long I've got before they do something about shutting it up. But maybe I'm judging them too harshly. Only a bullying, wholely dishonest company would try to challenge a judgment won fairly and squarely in court, and that has already been paid, just because of the bad publicity I think?
  8. Yes they defended. They sent their solicitor to the hearing. If you read the page liked to the judgment page you will see the whole story. Vodafone
  9. Just to show everyone that you can take on bullies like Vodafone and win, I got a judgment against Vodafone Ltd last month and now's the good part. Publicising their behaviour so that people in the same position can use it as evidence of their true nature. The details are on this site including the actual judgment: Vodafone Ltd
  10. Vodafone don't always get away with cheating people. I took them to court and got a judgment against them. Then I publicised the story on the Unpaid Debt Register website so that anybody can use it as evidence of their disgraceful behaviour. The link to the story is here Vodafone Ltd The mouse bites back!
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