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  1. Hi I have edited the pic it was taken out in March 07, just before the changes to the credit act came in to force
  2. Hello I have read through pages and pages of different forums and just want a few opinions as to wether this MINT CCA / application is enforceable. In response to my request for information I received this 3 page document and some T&C's from 2007 **EDITED** My main concerns are: first page states: by my signature on the Credit Agreement, I a) apply for a mint card to be issued to me b) confirm that this form is an application to be issued with your MINT Classic Credit Card, if I have applied for a MINT Gold Credit Card or Platinum Credit Card and that application is not approved. Does this therefore make this an application form? even though it states CCA at the top of page 2 and if it is a CCA, don't they have to send me a copy of it within 7 days of me signing? Also the T&C's they sent are 2007, NOT the ones from when I applied General Conditions are mentioned in section 1, 2 & 3 but I did not receive any other document with this form so how would I know what the general conditions are. thankyou in advance for any comments.
  3. thanks for the reply I have read through pages and pages of forums but am still unsure. My main concerns are: 1. 'my right to cancel' the details for this are in a seperate box to the title. 2. I have read that the APR is NOT the actual interest rate charged. 3. I cannot see how the illustration they give calculates correctly with the apr and other interest rates given.
  4. Hello the CCA MBNA sent me is here - www.paulflint.co.uk/mbnacca.jpg I am trying to find out if it is enforceable. It was an online application. The credit limit isn't stated, does this matter? Details of how to cancel, it states details will be sent to me is this okay? The interest rate appears to be the APR. Do any of these make the CCA unenforceable or are there any other things that will? thankyou in advance for your time and help. I have read so many forums and I can't quite relate everything to my agreement.
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