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  1. Sorry - Duplicate thread - Bad internet connection
  2. Right, 1st time poster, so be careful with me! Currently employed by a small company offering services to other small businesses in the area. Company has just taken on a new General Manager who has come in to employment with the company above me (I was always regarded as the 2nd in command prior to this point and had a very good and open relationship with the directors of the company) I am also the longest standing employee (company trading for 2.5 years) This 'General Manager' has come in and altered my job description and removed many of my responsibilities. Part of the work that she has done in the 3 months she has been with the company has been to gain the company ISO 9001 accreditation. Part of this process that she has implimented (without consultation) has been that the administration priviliges that I have always had have been removed. (this is just background and not overly relevant to the current problem) Recently, she has implimented Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) to all team members (again with little or no consultation). These KPI's are used to calculate our monthly bonuses and have been openly published to all other members of my team (I am Team Leader). These KPI's were distributed in the form of a tabbed spreadsheet and contained details of each employees bonus amounts and KPI's and how much each item was worth. The formula and working are openly available on this spreadsheet meaning each emloyeed can see the potential amount that any other employee can receive as their bonus. Whilst I do not have a compelling problem with this practice, I feel that those of a lower position in the company to me should not really have access to their superior's performance statistics and I should have different measurements place upon me that reflect my role as Team Leader. My real gripe comes when I approched the General Manager about a piece of paperwork that had been handed to her in error. It had been a busy week and schedules were tight. When I approched this person, I was faced with a potentially hostile position where one of my team members was complaining that they had had some of their bonus retracted for not completing service activities which he felt was in error. I was then brought in on the conversation by being told, quite aggressively, that this employee was to receive one 'strike', another employee was to receive one as well and I was to receive 2 as most of the unclosed items were mine. I had had conversations with the General Manager, explaining that I had not had chance to complete these activities prior to this point which I had assumed had been considered to be reasoable. I quizzed her on this and questioned when I might have been informed in private about this matter to which she told me 'I have warned you already'. I felt that this was a totally unprofessional way for her to conduct herself towards me. Prior to this point, an email was sent listing the unclosed actvities stating that action was required on this issue by the day on which this all came about. I was not happy with having my personal performance being discussed in front of a subordinate and the rest of the open plan office and that I was upset and felt humiliated, so I stated that I would be taking the issue up in writing with her. I then left the office because I was due at a customer's site. On returning to the office, I attended to the outstanding items and resolved the issue completely (they were mostly errornous or duplicate) I was then dealing with a customer issue on the telephone, when I was sent an mail asking that I go and talk to her. I replied that I would be some time. When I cam off the phone, the GM came up to me and asked me for 5 minutes (not nicely may I add). I stopped what I was doing to follow (thinking that we would go to talk about the issues of earlier in the day and that I would receive an apology for having personal details discussed openly in the office) into the corridor (which other employees have access to). This was not the case and I was told in a bery surly tone that I would receive 2 writeen verbal warnings - one for Direct Insubordination for not closing the outstanding issues and the other for 'The way you spoke to me earlier' at which point I tried to explain that I had closed that outstanding activities and that I was not happy with having my personal affairs being discussed in front of othe employees, but she cut me off and spoke loudly over me stating 'It's not for discussion' at which time, she stormed off leaving me in the corridor. I then went back to the office and left (it was 5:30pm on Friday) I emialed the General manager my version of events and noticed that my admin priviliges had been removed from me (raising alarm bells) I came in Monday and it appeared that all was well until the afternoon when I was tequested to have an immediate meeting with the General Manager. I went into this meeting where the GM proceeded to issue me with a written verbal informal?? warning. I refused to accept this as I had not been given the oppertunity to put my case to her and that she had not followed the company Diciplinary procedure. She closed the meeting and did not issue me with any warning. At the end of the day, I issued my line manager (as stated in my contract - bear in mind that I had not had any written communication to state that the GM was indeed my line manager and no revised org chart has been supplied) with a letter of intent to initiate greivance procedures. I had a reply requesting a meeting which gave me less than 24 hours to prepare the Greivance was heard and a decision was made that my claims were not justified. The meeting was held later than the agreed time and the decision was later than I was informed that it would be. Yesterday, I was requested to a meeting where a diciplinary procedure was to be brought against me for the Insubordination and conduct. Again, I was given less than 24 hours notice and yet again, the meeting was held late (some 4.5 hours). It was claimed that I had deliberatley entered into an argument as a result of an email that was sent naming and shaming and divulging performance details (remember I have made it clear that I am not happy with this). I was unaware of this email and read it upon arriving at my customer that I had to go and see. I was quizzed and supplied answers to all of the questions that were posed. I requested witness statements for the issues raised (aparently I shouted and was aggressive) but they could not be provided and that the person conducting the meeting had witnessed it and would provide a statement. I felt that this meeting was more of a 'grilling' with a pre-meditated outcome than a fair process that should be followed. I feel that the person conducting the meeting is biased based on the kinds of questions asked and the tone that was used. All of this is causing me heath issues (I have a stress triggered condition which has only come to light since experinceing these problems) and a massive lack of sleep which is causing me to be more stressed and fragile. I am still within the time limit to appeal on the decision for greivance, so am wondering what to do next. Any help much appreciated!!!
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