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  1. HiI 1mper1um I guess this falls to what exactly what is detailed on the document that you signed. If your signature is on a form whch says you'll pay a set sum of money, then they will probably enfore that and you'll probably end up paying. If however your signature is on a form which details no specific charge, only 'upgrade', then I'd suggest you have a chance of the amount being written off. In the case of your situation falling into 'no specific charge detailed' I would email the CEO of Centrica detailing your complaint, and tell him that you have no where agreed to this
  2. Hi Robypr, Unfortunately this is an all too common story with British Gas. I suggest you contact their call centre and raise a complaint of poor advice against their engineer. Request a visit from the area Service Manager, and go to the property yourself to meet them. When the Service Manager attends, they usually bring along one of their senior technicians and look over the whole situation. Otherwise, you may end up with a never ending list of recommendations and advice, none of which actually resolve the issue. Mr H
  3. I don't believe there is any specific way to counter/cirrcumvent forcing a pf. The individual case will need to be considered, as will the insurers individual T&Cs and where in the country an individual lives (as some areas have harder water, thus resulting in build up of lime scale, and the more frequent need to flush out a system). I have seen systems where when drained, the water is black with dirt. Likewise, I have seen parts of heating systems scaled to the point of no longer functioning. These are generally tests administered. I am unsure of why this would be taken to cour
  4. Libertas - You answered your own question - "As my current boiler (ideal HE30) is no longer manufactured, they want to replace it with the closest model (Ideal Logic 30HE)." Example, if you crashed your Ford fiesta, your insurance company won't give you a Porsche to replace it just because it is a better car. Similar principal applies - BG replace your boiler with as equivalent a model as is available. I understand your options are take the replacement, or leave it. There are arrangements in place where BG will claim money back from the boiler manufacturer for replacing your broken s
  5. Coolbreeze, Sorry to hear about your poor experience, sadly this is not uncommon with British Gas. I am an employee of British Gas and have seen first hand the sort of service you are talking about. My own boiler was classified as "Parts Obsolete" on HomeCare...this is a 6 year old boiler which the manufacturer advised every single part was still available. Contact the top man at BG - phil.bentley(at) britishgas.co.uk (replace at with @) with your complaint, and inform him you want compensation for this or you will refer the matter to regulators / Financial Ombudsman. The cost
  6. Thanks for your replies guys. I emailed the CEO of Scottish Power, and was contacted with a resolution to my complaint by a Customer Relations Manager. As it transpires, I was correct and I am with EON, and have been for 9 months. Scottish Power have re-estimated my final bill leaving me £20ish in credit, but have refused my request to refund the £100 I was forced to pay, which was based on misinformation. They did however offer £50 compensation. I have refused their offer and requested my £100 forced payment to be refunded along with the £50 compensation, to which I am awa
  7. Folks, Thanks for the input. I have now been able to confirm through speaking with someone at the IGT who supplies my property that EON have supplied my property for the last 8 months, contrary to what SP are After the service from SP (the demanding letters, people at the door demanding payment or a prepay meter is going in, forcing me to pay £100 to avoid action, refusing to put a hold on the amount until investigated) I plan to take this to OfGEM and consumer focus, as these practices are shocking. I will keep this topic updated, as it will be interesting to see how long it t
  8. A strange one here folks, not sure what to do.... Moved into my house a few years ago, and Scottish Power supplied the Gas, EON supplied the electric. In December 2011 I switched the Gas to EON, and have been paying them for Dual Fuel since then. July 2012 I receive a letter from Scottish Power demanding ~£350 for Gas. I call them, raise a dispute and someone says they will look into it over a few weeks. August 2012 no response from the dispute, but another letter demanding ~£500, and a few days later a letter from an SP agent who visited while I was at work, and gave me a
  9. Citizen B, Not sure where you found the details of bg-group but they are not associated with British Gas. Sam Laidlaw ([email protected]) is the CEO of Centrica, the parent company of BG. Phil Bentley is the Managing Director of British Gas ([email protected]). You can write to Phil Bentley at - Lakeside House, The Causeway, Staines, TW18 3BY.
  10. BankFodder is right - read the small print. There are agreements out there which will replace your boiler, but under certain strict conditions. For example. British Gas will only replace your boiler if they cant repair it if the boiler itself is under 7 years old, or 10 years old if BG originally fitted it. If you have quite an old boiler, you likely won't get this type of cover from anyone, or at least from anyone who would actually deliver on the new boiler promise when it was needed. Mr H
  11. Hi Donny I think it may be because this is classed as a "non essential" job. Over the winter period, suppliers generally try and free up as much time as possible for emergency jobs. I imagine if you made enough of a big deal they would honour the original appt, however it's likely that most of the big 6 are doing this Mr H
  12. Hi Ann My apologies I misread your initial post - i didn't realise you had no cold water either. That is unacceptable, they cannot leave you in a situation like that. They should have found a way to restore water but cap supply to the water tank. I would write a formal letter of complaint to the company demanding compensation for this, and also mention that if you don't receive an adequate response you will be contacting the gas safe register to inform them of the shocking situation in which you were left. Mr H
  13. Hi Ann, In situations where parts are required they are not always available straight away. This holds true for all companies which provide repair services. The "emergency" usually refers to a situation such as an uncontrolled leak causing damage - in this instance an engineer would make the leak safe, which would count as resolving the emergency. Your friend was likely put up in a hotel at the expense of their landlord, as this is not normal practice for the repair companies except in extreme circumstances. It may be worth calling to try and speed them up, but these types
  14. Hi Surrey Sorry to hear about your situation. Was your boiler disconnected during a service or repair visit? The engineer will have left you some paperwork with an indication of whether the boiler is "Not to current standards", "At Risk" or "Immediately Dangerous" - can you tell me which is selected? With regards to a new boiler, the best option to secure one without a hefty up front cost is on credit, however if you're credit rating is poor you will need to pay up front. There are likely some grants available, and sometimes local authorities can offer crisis loans. A
  15. Hmm...the Service Managers can sometimes be like that, as they want as many additional upgrade jobs (i.e. powerflushes) as possible. Sometimes they do tag along on jobs where there have been multiple visits in a short period without the customer having to ask. It does seem odd that you get hot water, and then it goes warm. If you have a "cover" agreement, then you could certainly look down the route of a complaint to the ombudsman. These complaints are generally treated differently by BG, as they are seen as "high level". If BG have not provided you with a decent level of servi
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