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  1. Sorry don't have time to read through it all but just so you know Metropolitan collection services Ltd is the in house collection team for HSBC Same company
  2. Well whilst doing my last post there was a knock at the door, it was the father from the shop and as he just closed up he came to inform me, and apologise, that the £5 had been found, his younger son took it from the till but neglected to leave a note saying so. The elder son refuses to apologise but I don't care now, I dont have to worry about the hubby getting angry if he came to the door. Apology accepted from the father but will still be shopping else where.
  3. No i don't accept that I was given too much change, I have no way of knowing how much he gave me as I did not check and just put it in with the rest of my money, all in bottom of my deep pocket of my tracksuit bottoms But if I pay it back this time based on what he says what happens next time his till is short, just let him telll me he overpaid me again? or better still some one else? If I get up in the morning and believe i am £5 short what should I do, visit every shop I had been in the day before telling them they did not give me the right change? yea right. If I could be ce
  4. No idea but as I said, i did not notice and just put my change in with the rest of my money.
  5. Hi there, situation as follows: Went to local shop and bought some beers and bacon last evening to settle down and watch the Man United versus AC Milan game with my husband and was served by the son, cost was £11.45, gave a twenty pound note and was given change, I did not check the change I just shoved it in my pocket with the rest of my money. Went to the shop this afternoon and I was handed a mobile phone by the father and it was the son on the other end, he informed me that when he cashed up at the end of the evening he was £5.00 short and remembers that he made a mistake when
  6. Thanks for the answers. I will now resend my request for the Truth Statement to be signed and posted back to me in seven days and see what response i get, copy to the council of request also. And just out of interest what is the point of requesting the Truth Statement if it dosent have to be signed or responed too? However it may not get me any where but hey ho, they wanted to play silly beggers so I can too.
  7. You will recive further advice as more people get home and log on, move your car well away from your address and keep all windows and doors locked, do NOT let the bailiff in no matter what he/she says, they can not force entry. These are the basics but more informed people will be along, Best wishes Changed closed to locked, reason for edit
  8. Just a quickie, when requesting a statment of truth from the bailiff does the bailiff himself/herself have to sign and return it or can the manager of the company just write back and say the bailiff is cerified at such and such court?
  9. Hi there, don't panic, people will be along soon enough to offer help. In the mean time while waiting I would sugest you take the time to split your post up in to paragraphs, it is very difficult to read and people may just skip over it. Best wishes
  10. Sorry, just to clarify, a statement of truth has to come frome the bailiff and be signed by the bailiff? When I requested it from the bailiff company they sent me a drawn out letter saying that their bailiff was indeed correct in all his under takings, signed by the Bailiff manager of the comnpany, not the bailiff.?
  11. Yes they can but post all relevant information, I,e is it council tax, fine..have they entered your property, how much they asking for...basicly post a story of what has happened, just cos they can rufuse don't meant thats the end of it. As much information as possible but leave all your personal details out, such as name, account number...but as much info as poss.
  12. wow amazing, my step daughter is a car mechanic must tell her she can't be now as it's againts the rules to own tools...sorry should have said QUALIFIED CAR MECHANIC .
  13. I can see what you mean " the authority shall accept the amount" This meaning they can not refuse to take it back, makes sense in the written form but does not seem to be that way in reality but do agree where you are comming from.
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