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  1. Hi, I sent the letter this morning. Let's see what happens. In the meantime, I sent a CCA Request on 17th October. How long have they got before non compliance stage is here? Thanks
  2. Thank you for the advice. Shall I send this to the local office and the Head Office?
  3. Just to give you an update on this. A muppet from Welcome racked up to my door last night, and left posted a letter through the letter box. (Must have not heard them knock) asking me to contact the office regarding the arrears. As they rejected my complaint, I passed this to the FOS about a month ago. What shall I do now? I'm guessing they might turn up again??? I'm going to send a door step letter today.
  4. I had the same issue with Newman. I paid the debt with Ebay directly. Now Newmans are chasing me for £8! I told them to take a run and jump. They then told me that the extra fee is for them not ebay. Apparently it's in the 'T&Cs'?? Surely I don't need to pay this?
  5. Ok - Thanks. Looks like I'm going to have to send another then!
  6. I sent the request and fee to Freds...But looks like to me they've paid the fee towards the debt! Not passing it on the Cap1.
  7. I have an outstanding credit card debt for £1200. So I thought I'd better request a SAR from Capital One. I requested this from these Muppets back in July. I received a response letter (after the forty day period) from Capital One saying that they couldn't respond to my request as I haven't signed the letter and I need to pay the £10.00 fee, which I sent to Fredrickson International with the request letter. So I checked my bank account, and have found the cheque had been cashed. I replied on the 17th September (two days later) saying that I paid the fee (along with details of the chequ
  8. I waited for nearly three months for them to respond. Then they told me that my complaint is unjustified. So I have now filed a complaint with the FOS aboutt them wanting £5000 for a £1500 loan! and also not responding to my complaint with 8 weeks. I'm going to fight this one out! Only give them eights weeks and no more! Good luck with it.
  9. I'm in the same boat... As far as I'm concerned I have paid off the balance (according the SAR and checking my bank statements). So I stopped paying them. It's now with the FOS. A word of warning though... Keep an eye on your Credit File as they might trash it! Have you already complained to FOS?
  10. Likewise - I put a complaint in saying that I have paid the full original amount and then some...Cash loan of £1500. Because I fell behind with the payments in 2007, they told the loan was 'rewritten' and the total amount to pay back is £5300. Obviously I responded and told them to 'DO ONE!' with a CCA request, as surely I would have needed to authorise and sign a new agreement? I have also filed a complaint with the FOS. I'm still waiting for a response to my PPI reclaim.
  11. Just had another call from the local office yesterday. I told them that two letters have been sent to the Complaints Dept at Ruddington (special delivery). The geezer on the other end of the phone said that he hasn't been sent anything from them??!! Doesn't this mean the complaints dept is a myth? Do the head office just pass on the letters to the local offices? I told him that I want everything in writing and I wouldn't confirm my details over the phone. I also sent a hassement by phone letter to the local and complaints offices. Is this correct? Thanks
  12. Good point! Thanks for that. Also, I sent them a PPI letter and now waiting for the response. I'll keep you updated. Cheers
  13. Ok - had a phone call this morning from local branch telling me the DD had been cancelled. Which is correct. I told them that a letter has been sent to the Complaints department in Nottingham, and I wasn't willing to discuss the account on the phone, and I want everything in writing. They told me that I'm being stupid not discussing the situation on the phone and all the Complaints department do is send the letter to the local branch?! (Is this correct?). They also told me couldn't send me a letter as they are only allowed to send out a limited number of letters! Can anyone advise me what
  14. Can anyone advise on this please? Thanks
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