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  1. A friend was tempted to attend a presentation hosted by "Homes Under the Hammer" late last year regarding how to buy property for buy-to-let. She was interested enough to sign up (£999.00) for a more detailed 3-day seminar with Tigrent Learning (who say they have no direct affiliation with HUTH) at a hotel in Yorkshire and asked me if I would join her as her guest and share the fee to some extent. I was intrigued enough to accept her offer and contributed £300 to her directly. Let me say from the outset that we are good friends and I in no way wish to burden her in this matter. We
  2. Hi Penfolds, A witty reply ---- but this is serious!!!!! I don't need a criminal record just because some fat bird has taken a shine to me and beguiled me into a honey trap! (I mean, you should see her ... yuouoouguugh!!! ptttouueee!!!! Blaagghh!!!) But the poor cow has helped me, and i'm not a male showven.. chovine.. ch.. anyway I'm not a pig. Just want to escape! Gonna send her a cheque and wait for the sh*t to hit the fan!
  3. Just been advised by a solicitor that I should definitely not attempt to pay her back in cash. He agrees with my fears that any attempt to assist her in perpetuating her possible fraud (even if I only suspect it) would make me guilty by association. So she'll have to accept my cheque and deal with it herself. I feel bad but totally trapped.
  4. Been thinking about what you said, queensclose. So maybe it is possible to withdraw £17.5 cash from my bank without too much of a problem - gonna ask them, hypothetically. Then will offer to repay her in cash, in front of her solicitor and get a receipt or acknowledgement that the loan is repaid in full. Then it's her problem, right?
  5. Thanks for your support. I've no intention of shopping her, even though in my own mind I know she done wrong! Just don't want to get entangled or attract undue attention to myself. Very selfish, I know, but I am your archetypal sucker, Mr Nice Guy, and I've been here before. Just want to pay her out and move on.
  6. I'll happily give you her phone number - so long as you want 10 calls a day, each rambling on about nothing for up to 3 hours (it's difficult to cut her off) and you like someone built like 'Two-Ton Tessi O'Shea! Take her off my back, please!!!! Please God, don't let me die with her fussing round me! It would be a comedy if it weren't so serious!!!
  7. I think you will find things have changed recently due to money laundering safeguards. Can anyone confirm? But in anycase, could I be seen as complicit in concealing her (possible) fraud by paying her back in cash?
  8. Really need someone with a legal brain to advise me asap. Have been told that the house sale should complete within a week (thank goodness!) and I want to be prepared. I don't want to fall out with this lady and do, indeed, owe her my gratitude. Without her loan I would have been in financial hot water. But I cannot afford to get into anything illegal. I am sure my bank would be asking questions if I tried to withdraw £17.5K in cash? I think I need proper legal advice but thought I would ask on here first.
  9. Thanks for that. And I have no intention of reporting anything. My worry is - what happens if she is investigated sometime and found guilty of fraud. This loan would undoubtedly show up and its details be pursued. If a court subsequently found that I had repaid her in small amounts of cash over a period of time, would I be guilty of fraud by association? I fancy just sending her a cheque for the full amount and leave it up to her. I also need some record of the repayment for my own purposes.
  10. Hi All, I'm not sure where to post this. I got into serious credit card debt some while ago (£25K+) due to having to be a full-time carer for my dear late partner and therefore unable to work for over five years. I did this knowing that all could be repaid after her inevitable sad death, thanks to her kind and substantial legacy to me in her will. She died two and a half years ago now, but the estate could not be settled until her house was sold. The property has finally sold (subject to contract) and I look forward to a pay-out very soon. During this time, I have been anxious
  11. Sorry can't reply at the moment. Seem to have got my tongue stuck in my cheek! Anyone got any brandy?
  12. This is just typical of the inane comments posted on this thread recently. Let me say that I am utterly disgusted! I had been led to believe that I was being invited to a serious evening of cultural exchange including excepts of classical music and art appreciation. But what am I expecting now? Zoological episodes involving ferrets? Good gracious me, what is this country coming to? If I do decide to come to this apparently debaucherous celebration, I shall expect proper behaviour from all concerned - and appropriate precautions (should I get caught up in events beyond my
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