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  1. Hi Iain, This is correct, i would wait until after 17th though perhaps as you might need to pay debt collector instead of welcome if we get the result we are hoping for!
  2. biddy, do you mean all agreement had to signed at the your local welcome office?
  3. UKversusDebt not sure how to PM you but i think Rochdale is still open 01706 860100, hope they close v v v v soon though
  4. does anyone know if local branches are normally open on saturdays? i thought mine was open mon - fri only but i noticed on saturday it was open, at first i was hoping maybe they were packing up! but thinknig about it, it could have been because it was 31st and they were trying to get some more money for month end?! dunno, just wishful thinking perhaps
  5. thanks, i am dropping in this letter tonight too along with my stop bugging me i am paying by standing order or nothing letter!
  6. what fax number did you use? was it your local office?
  7. ooo thanks djwigster i'll use that too!
  8. i am not going in! it is in a building with other comapnies so i will just leave it near by for them to find! i am sure they can't harrass you like this, with the telephone letter it says you only want contact in writing so surely that rules out house visits too!
  9. i don't know about fax but i am sending my telephone harrassment letter to the local office, hand delivering today after work, just putting it through door, not going in!
  10. hi, i have had a similar thing, they said they'll come and collect the cash as my debit card was failing! which must be their problem as i have enough in there and have used it elsewhere. i said not to come but if they do i just won't answer so he'll have a wasted journey. can't you ask your hubby to ignore the door?
  11. House monkey you say you pay by standing order? any chance you can give me their bank details so i can do the same?? also i tried setting up my dd and was told i can't until i have paid 2 more months of payments! whatever, thanks x
  12. They should get written off? would this be happeneing nxt week on 23rd when the thing with cattles happens? thanks
  13. hi, what happens on 23rd? is this when welcome go under?
  14. hi loius, i noticed they were getting nasty with you on 30th? they did the same 2me, a woman was telling me i HAVE to pay that day but really its cos its last day of month and they are desperate for every penny. i did not pay and i had no calls 1st or 2nd of month!! such muppetts
  15. yea be strong electrik! i got so many calls yesterday but none today, 1st of the month, funny that
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