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  1. Thank you for the reply, yes my intention is not to take them to court, but for them to withdraw such statement, it is signed by the headteacher, but she is currently away, and the deputy is acting on her behalf, I guess, I suspect it was him because of the an argument we had in which I told him that he lacked respect, also because we saw him approaching someone parking illegally the day before but him taking no action, so this is aimed at us. I never mentioned the deputy explicitly, I am contacting the school directly without blaming anyone in particular. I will contac
  2. The school where my kid attend posted in their newsletter a photo of our car, in which they made an example of us for the wrong reasons. They stated that some parents lacked respect to the community by blocking the road and park illegally, and they gave an example of us by taking a picture of our car with a traffic warden standing by. The school choose on purpose to use that information without verification, because we did not do that. I wrote the school asking for an pology, but I suspect they will not and I am exploring my options here, because this has caused us a lot of stress,
  3. got what I wanted, £250 compensation + full apology + SIM back.
  4. I took the matter further and this is what's happening, I am getting an adjudicator to decide on it, but Vodafone argues that I do not exist because of data protection the information does not match, this is because I moved address and they did not update it accordingly, obviously to use it as an excuse, so bellow is what i received : ++++++++++++++++++ We are contacting you regarding CEDR Resolution Centre Case: 6..... The adjudicator has reviewed and upheld the company’s objection to this application for adjudication. The adjudicator has p
  5. Thanks for the tips, I will do so, but to get my PAC isn't possible, since they have my sim, I am not sure what else I can do regarding my number.
  6. Hi, I am with Vodafone, I lost my SIM and requested it over the phone twice, but after a month I have not received it. I complained to them, and all I am getting are emails requesting me to fill out forms to pass security checks first in order to look into the matter. I cancelled my payment and I want to end my early contract for their failure to provide me with a SIM. I sent them a letter today with 7 days to reply or take the matter with the Ombudsman. I am wondering if there is any ground for ending the contract for their failure to provide me
  7. Yes. I got to my destination a day later. Been provided with food and hotel
  8. I received vouchers to be redeemed with any booking or cashed at their desk on Madrid. So I had no choice but to ask for full compensation since I was entitled. I didn't use the vouchers. Lufthansa... i recall asking for less as i was not sure, but since they paid i requested more i will look into it.
  9. Well with Iberia it wasn't my fault, they overbooked the flight and was denied this was in August. They acknowledged it was their fault and only offered 150 euros per passenger, I had to take it further with them to request full compensation 400 euros. Lufthansa... as I wasnt sure as it happened in 2016 and didn't even have full details, but just recalled being late, so I tried with minimum compensation and i was surprised that it worked, actually they paid up quickly within a month. I wrote to them and asked for more but they declined. Not sure if I can still take this furth
  10. I had to make few calls and many emails, I threatened them legally but they didn't really care, may be my persistence paid off.
  11. Just to let you know that they paid me, it took a while though.
  12. Thank you for the response, but Iberia does not operate in the UK, this is what they told me, I asked at their [ Iberia ] airport desk.
  13. Is this the link to follow? https://e-justice.europa.eu/home.do?plang=en&action=home I 've never used it, it is straightforward ? and how much does it cost. Thanks
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