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  1. Thank you, what is the benefit of SAR, this is just information, how beneficial this can be. Compensation ? who else can I approach for this, I believe CEDR are the only one around. Can I request PACode and leave? or are they going to stop me from getting it.
  2. They are restricting the use of the other number, claiming that I am not paying for the lost SIM one. When I asked them how they are working out my bill, they could not tell me, they said it's one account two number and I need to pay £ regardless. I asked them to separate the numbers, because they are the one who merged them, they declined, arguing it;s the same person, they have to merged them an I cannot reverse the process. I just want to know if I leave them what is their course of action when they pass this to a debt collecting agency ? Are they going to take me to court ? Are they going to send a bailiff? I had enough of them, and I just want to switch company.
  3. My account is up to date with payment, except the one with the SIM I have not received, there is one month outstanding when I called them last week. "Vodafone would look to offer the customer the following resolution: • For a new SIM card to be sent to the customer. • To apply £60 correctional credit to the customer’s overdue balance. • £200 as a gesture of goodwill to be applied to the customer’s account. • A written letter of apology"
  4. I paid the last two months for one number, and asked them to exclude the other, which is one month outstanding, they used the £190 for payment for both accounts until Jan.
  5. OK, let me recap, just in case if I confused you a bit. I ordered a SIM in August, the one I lost, when I called them, they said no worries in no time you will get it, and they also advised me to merge my second number that I had with them into one account, rather than two separate accounts. weeks went by and no sign of a SIM, I complained, then I took the matter to CEDR. We both agreed to settle the matter with £250 payment ( covers £60 past credit for line rental from Sept till Nov ) and they said that it will be a credit applied into my account, technically I will have £190 credit ) Initially I thought it was payment, but it appeared that it was credit, which I did not mind. Now I was supposed to get the SIM within 20 days from 16/11/20, till today nothing received. The credit I was given was used to pay for my bill, that was merged. When I called them last week to find out about my bill, they said that I have to make payment for both lines, this suggest that the £190 credit has been used. The compensation was awarded as a credit.
  6. The £250 were applied as a credit in my account, in which I have two numbers, including the one I have not received the SIM for, in other words, they used the credit money to cover for the costs of both line, this is the decision that we all agreed through CEDR, but they failed to send the SIM once again, they claim that they had sent it already, and now they are saying that I will be getting in the next few days. I wanted to make a fresh claim through CEDR for a non compliance case, but they are not interest, and are just saying that Vodafone will send a SIM in due course. Vodafone are charging me even for not using the service. Do I have a good leg to stand and void the contract
  7. Ok, how about the next step, as you know of my case, also what would be worst situation I will be in if I cancel the contract without making further payments
  8. What is the benefit of getting SAR? and then what would be the next step. And if they don't take me take me to court, how is it possible for them to recover the money through other agencies?
  9. Hi, Previously I thought I won the case against Vodafone, they agreed to give me £250 credit in my account and send me the SIM within a month back in November 20, however I have been battling this since then, they are dragging me, claiming that they sent the SIM, but I did not receive it, even though I involved CEDR for this, who they helped me to settle the matter, they are not interested in making a non compliance case, in other words, after three months of a final settlement, they did not send me the SIM, and they are charging me for the service ... Here is my previous topic, that I thought was resolved: The question now is, can I just cancel and not use Vodafone even if they send me the SIM? I mean I have been without a SIM for six months now. Can they take me to court for this? and charge me early termination fees?
  10. Thank you for the reply, yes my intention is not to take them to court, but for them to withdraw such statement, it is signed by the headteacher, but she is currently away, and the deputy is acting on her behalf, I guess, I suspect it was him because of the an argument we had in which I told him that he lacked respect, also because we saw him approaching someone parking illegally the day before but him taking no action, so this is aimed at us. I never mentioned the deputy explicitly, I am contacting the school directly without blaming anyone in particular. I will contact the governor as you said, and may be the council, but they might be in it together and they have no interest to side with me. Ombudsman, this is a long way, the damage would have been done, but I might have to consider it ultimately. There are no win no fee solicitor, do you think this is a good option ? My concerns are if it is not easy to prove my case, that would be like putting salt into the injury and rubbing it, but at the end of the day, the picture speaks for itself, and the article support my claim against them. I am not sure from where they got the picture ( my wife is telling me it was a neighbour, two days ago ) so I am really fascinated how they can justify their claim ( us blocking the road ) without proper investigation and relying on other people account or pictures.
  11. The school where my kid attend posted in their newsletter a photo of our car, in which they made an example of us for the wrong reasons. They stated that some parents lacked respect to the community by blocking the road and park illegally, and they gave an example of us by taking a picture of our car with a traffic warden standing by. The school choose on purpose to use that information without verification, because we did not do that. I wrote the school asking for an pology, but I suspect they will not and I am exploring my options here, because this has caused us a lot of stress, many parents saw the news and came to us. My question is there any merit for a case to be brought against them, and if so, what is the procedure and what should I claim. I have been going to that school of about 10 years, but I suspect eh deputy headteacher is behind this, because of an argument I have had with him lately. Thanks
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