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  1. Yes. I got to my destination a day later. Been provided with food and hotel
  2. I received vouchers to be redeemed with any booking or cashed at their desk on Madrid. So I had no choice but to ask for full compensation since I was entitled. I didn't use the vouchers. Lufthansa... i recall asking for less as i was not sure, but since they paid i requested more i will look into it.
  3. Well with Iberia it wasn't my fault, they overbooked the flight and was denied this was in August. They acknowledged it was their fault and only offered 150 euros per passenger, I had to take it further with them to request full compensation 400 euros. Lufthansa... as I wasnt sure as it happened in 2016 and didn't even have full details, but just recalled being late, so I tried with minimum compensation and i was surprised that it worked, actually they paid up quickly within a month. I wrote to them and asked for more but they declined. Not sure if I can still take this further.
  4. I had to make few calls and many emails, I threatened them legally but they didn't really care, may be my persistence paid off.
  5. Just to let you know that they paid me, it took a while though.
  6. Thank you for the response, but Iberia does not operate in the UK, this is what they told me, I asked at their [ Iberia ] airport desk.
  7. Is this the link to follow? https://e-justice.europa.eu/home.do?plang=en&action=home I 've never used it, it is straightforward ? and how much does it cost. Thanks
  8. I have the same problem with Iberia, they requested all the information from me, but so far no payment at all, they offered 150 euros vouchers. Does anyone knows if its a straightforward process to sue them using the EU justice and how much does it cost?
  9. Hi, 1. IBERIA: I was denied boarding by Iberia, they have been very slow in dealing with me, asking me for paspost details, birth certificate, bank account in very slow manner, but so far no compensation whatsoever, this goes back to late August. I am not sure what to do now, I threathned them with legal action if they were not to compensate me within 7 days, but nothing from them, no communication either. Shall I take them to court ? 2. LUFTHANSA: I had a flight delay back in 2016, I requested 250 euros, which they paid me, however when I realized it was more as it was a connection flight and according to the distance criteria it should have been 600 euros, I asked them to pay me the difference, their response was negative. Is it worth taking my case further, or is it because I accepted the first settlement it will be considered as a final one ? ANd shall I take them to court ?. Thank you PS. this is a six passenger claim & my claims fall within the criteria for compensation
  10. Hi, There is this Homeless Charity services (they give used clothes, toys for homeless people ) that we have been using for years because we are homeless, but because we were moved out 2 years ago from our own borough, the staff of that charity ( because of personal reasons) decided that we do not meet the criteria ( we must live in the borough ) and they want to stop us from using their services and are asking us not to come any more. Note that there is another person who was asked the same thing, but she lives in the borough...I don't know the reasons behind this, but this can be purely because they don't feel like it. The question is I want to challenge them and I am wondering what can I do. I wrote to the one who claim to be the director ( I looked on the company house she is not ) and she categorically said that we are not anymore entitled. I am trying to write to the trustees to raise this, also to the council if this works. Do I have any ground to challenge them, the Charity Commission does not look like they can do anything. Can I still go, and if they ask me to leave, what would happen if I don't ? Do they have the right to use force or call the police ? Do they have the right to turn people away ? I need some advise and the best way to deal with this issue. I feel bad, because it is not right to be treated this way. Thanks PS. in their website they state that they help homeless in the borough, but it does not stipulate that you have to live in the borough to get the services.
  11. Hi, I booked early as usual my flight and holiday for xmas back in April, however surprisingly and unexpectedly my wife pregnant and the due date is around xmas... The ticket I bought says non refundable, however considering airlines will not let you fly towards the end of your pregnancy, let alone right after considering the issue of passport for the new born. I am wondering what are my options and if it is worth making a claim with my travel insurance or not. I have already written to omegaflight but do not expect a positive response from them.
  12. Sorry I didn't get it, what do you suggest, just to make myself clear, the seller stated on the listing that the car was serviced from the main dealer, however it wasn't and it was just a specialist garage for that particular make.
  13. Guys, this is the kind of ideas that I expected from this forum, the legality of FSH, what could mean, being a trader/private and the chances that I can get something out of it or not, this is what I had in mind that I wanted to explore and share. My plan is still the same, as follow: 1.Sending a letter asking for the repairs cost, I will not ask for the full amount unless the case is taken to court. 2.I will stress that as a consumer I have my rights, whether from a private or trader and that I have been mislead about the car being fully serviced from the main dealer ( it turned out to be a specialist garage) and that there was nothing wrong with it where in fact there are few things that ought to be repaired, I was presented with a recent invoice which suggest that the car was thoroughly examined and fixed with update service , however the seller deliberately concealed some information to sell me the vehicle in which some of the work was not carried out at the recommendation of the garage, some of which the wheel is not the same, serious enough to be highlighted along with other faults. The faults are/can develop into a problem now. 3. Will get Trading standard and Citizen Advise bureau involved if not settlement is reached as it seems the seller is acting as a trader but privately. 4. will get you involved as well on the way to come up with a good case, if I wint some % will go to this forum for the time/effort/assistance that is bringing to so many of us
  14. I can't get lower to your level, you beat me I agree
  15. That is exactly what I am going to do, but at the same time even as a private seller I don't want the seller to think that they can get away with it either. This way the seller might cooperate if the business is under the spot light, alternatively even if I don't get anything, at least it will deter the seller from doing again, so at least someone will be spared.
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