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  1. As the orginal post is all about not paying fees on time, I would suggest the people on here who have not paid their £595 should seriously think about their non payment, Red Rebel lost his caravan for not paying on time!!!!!! I dont think the site will think twice about doing the same to you Mr JacktheRat, so you and RebRebel will be sitting in your living room at home moaning about losing your caravan for the same reason!

    You wont be laughing so load anymore me thinks!!:D:p


    Like I have stated before, I do not think its fair that owners have to pay the £595 when they wont be using the caravan in the winter. We should of had a choice as to whether we want the 12 month season or not. During the winter I wish to spend my time with family in my 5 bedroom central heated double glazing house where I will be lovely and warm rather that in Wales in a caravan. WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN GIVEN A CHOICE!

  2. dont moan if they ask you to leave then if you think it funny that the majority pay and people go on and on and try to create an atmosphere.

    I don't think its funny that the majority have paid (as you say). Each to their own. I havent paid because I dont think its fair that I have to pay for something that I wont use.


    I am not trying to create an atmosphere, I am just stating my opinion on it.

  3. Hi


    I have a lot of friends on local parks who are very jealous of us at Golden Sands having 12 months with everything open.




    Hi Happyowner.


    Just thought I would let you know I was down Golden Sands at the weekend and there was quite a few empty pitches so why not tell all your jealous friends to leave their parks and come and join the site too!:-|


    Oh by the way, I have not paid my extra £595. :lol::D

  4. sorry I can;t spell but at least I'm not a sad moaning old fart who needs to get a life. Move off Golden Sands and get a life.


    My god people like you frustrate me. I bet you have no friends and family who don't talk to you because all you do is moan. Get help


    Haha at your pathetic attempt at insults! Pathetic!


    Answer the original question...please enlighten me as to how many caravan owners on goldensands are actually happy with the site been open 12 months? :wink:

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